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Hi all.

So this is the first post since last October. It has been the longest absence from the blog since myself and Zebulon started it. Now this isn't because we have stopped hobbying or anything. I just think we've found we have less time than we maybe used to have. Speaking for myself I know I probably have less time in which to hobby and so the time required to take photo's and write blog posts I've probably felt is better spent actually hobbying.

So this leads me to a conversation I had with Zebulon about a week ago. What to do with this blog. Well firstly we aren't going to shut it down. We've been doing this for almost 10 years! (First post was in August 2009 for anyone interested). Now Zebulon has his own Instagram (link on the side of the page) and suggested that we make that the new regular home of SotA and retire the blog. I didn't want to take that approach in regards to retiring the blog. So we have set up an Instagram for the blog and I've set up my own account separate to the one for the blog. These and Zebulon's own account will effectively function as our means of posting regular updates on projects we're working on. If you want to follow us on there then these are the names to search for:

Zebulon: @zeb_sota or ZebulonXIII
Blackmane: @blackmane91
The Blog: @signoftheaquila

If you have Instagarm then why not follow us. I hope we'll see you over there. As for the blog it won't be going anywhere. Instead myself and Zebulon have agreed that I will primarily look after it going forward. I'm hoping I'll be able to achieve a couple of posts a month (probably posted sometime over a weekend). While it's not a great deal of output these posts will be 'finished' project posts by which I mean finished a unit/scenery piece/etc as opposed to work in progress posts. Those will be the kind of thing I'll be posting to Instagram going forwards.

So I hope we'll see some of you join us on Instagram and I hope we'll still see you here from time to time.

As always thanks for taking the time to have a look.


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