Battle Reports - Finally

Hi all.

Today I bring another 2 battle reports. I've been meaning to type these up for the last couple of weeks but I have been so busy at Uni I haven't had the chance. I apologise in advance if these don't quite cover everything well but the games played a lot faster and I didn't get chance to make notes so some of it is from memory. The two games were part of the tournament thats currently running. These are my 1st and 2nd games.

So here goes.

Pictures: Space Wolves, Ulrik and a Special One

Hi all.
Today I'm posting some pictures I took the other day and had meant to post then but it kinda slipped my mind. Anyway here they are now. I took these the characters down to my local GW as the manager was interested in having a look. He thought they were very good and really liked them both. So have a scroll down and take a look for yourselves.

New Lizardmen on Advance Order

Hi all.

Was looking around the GW website today and came across some Lizardmen advance orders. I assume they are new as I've never seen them before. They consist of 2 variations of skink standard bearer and musician and oxyotl, who I assume is some kind of skink character. Anyway just thought I'd post this little bit of info for anyone who is interested


Battle Report: Space Wolves vs Space Marines (30/09/2010)

Hi all,

Today I'm gonna attempt to write up the game I played last week, and will hopefully follow up with the games I played this week (7/10/10). It should be noted that these games are being played at 500 points with a modified force organisation chart. The minimum required is 1 HQ and 1 Troop. This is because the game I played in was a warm up for the tournament that the manager has set up and which I have now played 2 games in (these games to follow).

Long Time No See

Hi all.

Its been a while since I last posted. However I've found myself quite busy now I'm at University and so I haven't done a whole lot of painting.