Pursuit of Perfection: WIP Emperor's Children Test Model

Hi all

So my legion of choice is the Emperor's Children. Today I bring you the first WIP post and the progress of my first test model.

I also said in my last post (Into the Horus Heresy I Go) that I would briefly say why I had chosen this legion. I'll do this after the couple of pictures of the test model. 

First the test model. I decided to use one of the master of the chapter as my test model for my Emperor's Children. Firstly he's wearing an appropriate mark of armour and secondly he has a great big aquila across his chest. Very fitting for the Emperor's Children I think. The only real change I made to the model was to sculpt hair onto the head as I didn't think a bald head really looked right. I have magnetised both the sword hand and the powerfist so that in furture I will be able to swap his weapons as and when I want. Essentially he'll be the jack of all weapons captain choice, having a wide selection of choices to fit what I feel I need him to do. 

More after the break.

Into the Horus Heresy I Go

Hi all

Today's short post is all about my intention to start a Heresy themed army. Now this post has been coming for a while as I first got the idea to start a heresy army sometime before christmas. However despite getting the first of the FW Horus Heresy books I was still unsure as to whether I would actually start the army or if the idea was just a whim that would go away. I eventually got a model to start doing a test scheme on which has been WIP for a couple of months now. This is partly just due to limited painting time and wanting to paint other things in that limited time. 

Now, however, I have taken the plunge and bought the start of my army. So far it consists of 3 ten man tac squads, a heavy weapon squad and an outrider squad. I have gone with the Mk IV style armour for the stuff I've bought so far as its the Mk I like the most and I think is most fitting for the legion I've chosen based on what I've read about them in the fluff. I will add a few other amour Mk's to the army over time just to add a bit of diversity. 

As you've probably noticed I haven't actually said exactly which legion my army will be. This will be revealed when I put up the first WIP post of my test model. Hopefully this will be within the next few days. At the same time I'll explain why I have gone for the legion I have picked.

So I now want to just talk briefly about what guidelines I'll be trying to stick to for this army. Firstly  unit selections should remain as close to fluff as possible for the particular point in the Heresy from which I want my army to be. Secondly I want to build the army so that I can run it under the Heresy rules or using codex Space Marines. This may mean buying a few extra models to build certain weapon load outs that are only available to a legion list but I think it will be worth it if it gives me an army I can use without having to count certain heresy weapons as something else for normal 40k. I want everything to be clear as to what it is in terms of weapons. Thirdly, as much as possible, I will be trying to only use FW models for this army. The reason for this is I want to stick to the Heresy theme. However there may be certain exceptions to this. For example I'm not overly keen on the Heresy style Rhino and so may just use the standard plastic kit. 

This is a project I'm really looking forward to even if it is going to take me a long time to do. However I want to really put the effort into every model I do for this army and make it look as good as I can make it. To do this I think I will have to work on one unit at a time until its finished before starting the next one. If I don't I know I will get sidetracked and units will end up only been half done for long periods of time and that's not what I want.

Well that's it for this post. As always thanks for taking the time to have a look and please feel free to leave and comments, be they good, bad or somewhere in between.


Minor Hobbit Hero's

Hi all.

Today I bring some pictures of minor hero's from the Hobbit range that I have been painting. They were all quite simple models to do and I'm quite happy with how they've turned out considering I wasn't putting a huge amount of effort into painting them. Essentially I was just aiming for slightly better than tabletop quality. 

First up is the a Goblin Captain. I got this model because I have a load of Escape from Goblin Town goblins to paint and I decided I could do with an extra captain. I tried doing the skin a slightly different way to how I did the Goblin King's. I think I'm happier with how its turned out this time and I'll probably do all the other goblins in a similar way. 

Flight of the Eagles

Hi all.

So its been a while since anything was posted at Sign of the Aquila. I think this is just due to myself and Zebulon been quite busy with stuff outside of the hobby for the last month. That's not to say we haven't done anything hobby related. Pictures have been going backwards and forwards between our phones quite regularly on projects we've been working on. 

Today I bring a few pictures of some completed models. They're not the best pictures as I found them quite awkward to photograph. 

First up there is the completed Gwahir model. This is the new finecast one that came out a couple of months ago. I think it a much nicer model than the original great eagle model for the Lord of the Rings range. Been finecast it was easy to assemble. The tail section wasn't the best fit but a little carving away of resin in certain places got it to sit better in its correct position.