The Great Company of Grimnar

Hi all.

Today I bring pictures of my Space Wolves. Its not just one or two models but my entire army. Much like I did yesterday with my Gondorians.

For those whoe aren't aware my main 40k army are my beloved Space Wolves. They were my first army for 40k. They were started back in 2004 if I remember correctly. They started when Zebulon and myself bought a box of 5 space marines each. They consisted of a Captain, a marine with missle launcher and 3 with bolters. They were simple push fit models and actually a bit shorter than todays marines. While they are no longer a part of my army, except the captain who I converted, they were what got me started. The next to be added to my army was the Great Wolf himself, Logan Grimnar. Zebulon bought him for me as a present. He was follwed by a Rune Priest and a bike I think. From there the army lept forward when I bought two battleforce boxes and some long fangs. And since then my army has only gotten bigger.

Gondorian Army (So Far)

Hi all.

Today I bring a few pictures of my Gondorian army. I decided to get out all the models that make up my army so far and take a few pictures. Unfortunately I forgot to take a picture of it all together and instead just got shots of the formations. They're also not the best pictures. The light coming into my room wasn't bright enough so I had to use the flash so the pictures are a little bright. So here goes.

More for Gondor

Hi all.

Today I got some pictures of the latest two models I've been working. These are the Helms Deep version of Aragorn and Prince Imrahil. I did paint Prince Imrahil a couple of months back but I was never happy with how it turned out. Luckily for me I had another one that was based, undercoated and ready for painting.

Dreadnought Awakening

Hi all,
today I have an update on my latest projects, which I started a long time ago but never got really finished. as some people may know by reading the earlier posts, I have some what of a weakness for Dreadnought and what would be a tech-worshipping chapter without some, these latest two Dreads join my converted AOBR Dread in the ranks of the my Iron Lords.

Pictures, Pictures, Pictures!

Hi all.

Today I bring some new pictures. While all these models have been on the blog before I've re-taken pictures of them with my new camera that I said about in my last post.

So here we go.

The Future is Clearer

Hi all.

Just a bit of general news today.
I got myself a digital camera. Up until now I've been using a webcam to take pictures of my models. And while the pictures are ok, they aren't great. So after Zebulon suggested for the millionth time that I needed a better camera, I decided to look into it. And so after looking for a good few hours over a couple of evenings I settled on a camera that I liked the look of and had all the things I felt I would need.

The Return From Sternac

Hi all,
it has been a fair while since I have posted anything, so for that I apologise, however I now have an new house, with a dedicated gaming room! So look for battle reports in the near future, I know Blackmane is itching to have a brawl with my Iron Lords/Ultramarines/Tau, so hopefully soon we can get together and play. Have got the materials worked out, and the table will be 6'x4' (not including the 12" of non-gaming reserve/ cup of tea space on either end lol). Speaking of gaming myself and Blackmane had a game of Kill Team  at the start of July and with my stuff in storage, I borrowed his Imperial Guard, having never used them in my life, I was quite astounded to actually win the game, having gone the full 6 turns I had all but annihilated Blackmane's Space Wolves, thanks to some lucky rolls and 3 Auto-cannons, fear the Lasgun people, I'm telling ya......

Death from Above!

Hi all.

Today I have finished a couple of things. Firstly I have finished my 15 strong Blood Claw unit. The newest 5 I finished a couple of months back and I finally got the original 10 done to the newer standard for the most part. The main change been how the armour was done. Secondly I have finished my Skyclaws. I also got all the Bloodclaws and Skyclaws based with snow as well as Erik Morkai and Egil Iron Wolf.

Now for the pictures.


Hi all.

Today I've been working on my first Dwarf army list. Normally I don't write an army list before starting an army. I normally just get the minimum requirements to field a legal army and then build from there in anyway I see fit. This is why I have a unit of Warriors and a unit of Thunderers already. They were the two minimum core choices I had decided to use when myself and Zebulon first got the idea to start Warhamemr armies. However I have no Dwarf Lord or Thane but I did have an Engineer so he was the army General. Not great but he would do.

For Gondor!: Boromir Captain of the White Tower

Hi all.

Yesterday I finished painting my other two version's of Boromir. Today I bring the pictures and what I hope are some useful tips.

I am very happy with how both of these models has turned out and am very very happy with the Banner of Minas Tirth. It looks so much better than it used to.