Isenguard Scenery WIP

Hi all

After reading through a Lord of the Rings sourcebook I got a few months ago over christmas I decided to make some scenery. Yes I've caught the scenery bug again and its made worse by the fcat I still haven't finished all the eldar scenery I wanted to do. However a new project was just what I needed and so some materials were purchased and I set to work.

Good Things Come To He Who Waits...

First of all, let me just say Merry Christmas! From myself and Blackmane (this is Zebulon despite the fact I'm on Blackmane's account) and we hope you got many kit based presents on Christmas Day!

Now, as per celabratory day, Blackmane went out and got me some very nice 40K stuff, it took him a while to do mind as this first set of gifts (even though I got them at Christmas) was for my birthday in October...

The Lord Inquisitor Trailer

Holy Inquisition! This looks amazing! Why didn't the Ultramarine movie look like this???? Really hope this turns out to be a feature movie, if not 20mins I'd be happy with with detail like that!


The Post of Stuff

Hi all

So its been a while since I last posted. Unfortunately uni work has been handed to us by the truck load so hobby time has been greatly reduced for the time been. Unfortunately for Zebulon it also means his birthday present isn't finished and honestly I'm tired of seeing it on my paint station lol. Todays post however is just a post on a few things I've bought over the last few days (read as: they were absolute bargins I couldn't ignore :D).

Chapterhouse Studios Jetbike

Photo from Chapterhouse Studios, no infringement inteneded, just posted because I thought it was cool!
Look what Chapterhouse Studios have put up on pre-release! Not too sure how long this has been up, but I've got to admit, I do like it! Release is 5th November for $14.00, and apparently they're building an attack bike add-on module too!

Review: Liquid Green Stuff

Hi all

Today I bring a review of GW's new poduct Liquid Green Stuff. Now I will admit that this is based on a bit of use on a couple of my Dreadfleet ships and not an extensive test on lots of stuff but hopefully it will give you a rough idea what the product is like.

I first saw the product on Saturday and I have to say I was curious. I didn't buy any at the time but got it the next day after assembling a couple of Dreadfleet ships. Based on the description of the product in White Dwarf (yes I do buy the magazin every month), it is used to fill in small holes and joints. I thought that sounded like just the stuff I needed to fill in a few bits an pieces and will save me the effort of mixing some green stuff up and then wasting half of it (thats what usually happens anyway).  So I gave it a go and here are some pictures.

 Note the gap in the flame cannon turret.

Dark Eldar: Bringing the Pain

Hi all

Today I bring some pictures of my finished Talos Pain Engine body. I have yet to do any of the hand pieces but they shouldn't take to long. So I've been working on this for the last couple of weeks and have now finished. Yes it was slow going I admit but I am very happy with how its turned out. I tried a new painting technique on my Talos by painting the little vessels on its body to look like glass jars with liquid in them. Its the first time I've tried this and I think its turned out good for a first attempt.

So on with the pictures and see what you think.

The New Ultramarine Standard

Well in my recent trawling of ebay I stumbled upon this fellow which I got for a very very reasonable £15.

He's a ltd edition Ultramarine Standard Bearer, released as part of the Skullz promotion in 1999/2000 ( , apparently to get enough Skullz to get him, you'd need to spend about £400, whether that's true or not I'm not sure. However, he's mine now and is going to be part of my Command Squad, which also contains the GD '98 Apothecary ( and the OOP Captain I got last week too ( Plus some Tyrannic War Veterans. Also contemplating trying to get other Games Day Marine releases, but they're starting to get pretty pricey.

This is part of my project to build the whole named Ultramarine Command Structure, every company Captain and every named character. Will take a while, but will be worth it in the end.


Man O War/ Dreadfleet Teaser Trailer

Hi all.

Look what just appeared on GW's whats new today blog:

A teaser trailer for Man O War/ Dreadfleet (whatever its gonna be called).

Scenery: Finnished Eldar Webaway/Transporter Pads

Hi all

So it been quite quiet on Sign of the Aquila for a while now and I know its been a while since I last posted.

However today I bring the completion of a project thats been a long time coming now. I've finally finished my Eldar Webway/Transporter Pads and have some pictures to show off.

First the pictures.

General Updatery

Well hello all,
its been a while since myself or Blackmane has updated the blog, so I thought today I'd give a quick update to what we've been doing over the last few weeks, to try and get some momentum back into the posting.

Firstly, congrats to Blackmane on winning the Griffon challenge, which is thoroughly deserved. The photos of the model really don't do it justice, its even more amazing in the flesh!

Blackmane & Zebulon Versus Challenge 2: Poll Now Open

Just a quick post now to offically say that the poll is now open.

Zebulon's Warlord on Griffon

Blackmane's High Elf on Griffon

Blackmane & Zebulon Versus Challenge 2: Blackmane's High Elf on Griffon

Hi all

Today I bring pictures of my finished High Elf on Griffon. So on to pictures.

Challenge 2: High Elf Prince On Griffon....Sort Of....

Hey all, today I post my (sort of) finished mini in the second Blackmane Vs Zebulon challenge. Whilst I think Blackmane has gone for the Elf approach to the Griffon, I couldn't let up the opportunity to give my Skaven a bit of a style kick and I went to town on the mini... so with out further adoo...

Blackmane & Zebulon Versus Challenge 2: High Elf on Griffon Update

HI all.

Today I have a quick update on the 2nd Blackmane vs Zebulon challenge. Today while I was talking to Zebulon, he asked for an extra day for the challenge. Been the kind hearted, all round nice guy that I am, (I can hear Zebulon laughing) I agreed on extending the deadline by a day.

So the deadline will now be Moday the 15th of August at 5pm. A poll will be added once pictures of both models are up and voting will be for one week until the following Monday.

On a side note my High Elf on Griffon is going well so far. The griffon is all done and now I'm just working on the High Elf. He's about half done as I write this. I'm happy so far with how he's going and I can't wait to get him finished and to see what Zebulon has done with his.

Well thats all for this short update. Thanks for reading.


Ultarmarines Captain

Hi all

Today I bring some pictures of an Ultramarine Captain that I bought and have been painting up for Zebulon (aren't I nice? lol). Anyway after a fair while I've finally found the time over the past few days to get the model finished.

So how did I come to get my hands on this model in the fist place. Put simply I saw it in a shop that sells quite a lot of 2nd hand models. Sometimes something rare will show up, such as this captain which I'd never seen before. Seeing it was an Ultramarine Captain I kinda new I'd end up getting it for Zebulon. So a c couple of days later I went back and bought it. I then stripped it down (it was an awful paint job), and got it ready to paint.

And so here we are with some pictures of a new model for Zebulon.

Blackmane & Zebulon Versus Challenge 2: High Elf on Griffon

Hi all.

Today I come with news of mine and Zebulon's next Vs Challenge. The first challenge was to paint up the finecast chaplain. Our next one is to paint up the high elf on griffon that is part of the Island of Blood set. The format is pretty much the same as last time. We have a set period of time in which to paint up the model in question as well as make any changes that we want to make. Once the time is up we will then each put up a post with pictures of our finished models at which point a poll will be added and then its up too you, the readers, to choose the winner of the challenge.

The start date will be Saturday the 6th of August at 9am GMT. The finish date will be Sunday the 14th August at 5pm. The poll will open once pictures of both models have been displayed. The poll will be open for one week.

With less than 13 hours to go before then next challenge starts I have to admit I'm quite excited abot this one. While I enjoyed the first one (winning was a bonus), I didn't have to really push my paintinng skills much. This time however the light colours of the high elf will prove a challenge as I'm not great at painting them. There's also the Griffon to consider. I've never really painted a beast/monster before so it should prove interested.

With that I'm going to busy myself with some other bits until I start tomorrow. As always thanks for taking the time to have a look.


Dwarf Army Project Log: WIP 2

Hi all

Just a quick WIP post. I've started on the 2 units of warriors that will be in my 1000pt army that will take on Zebulon's skaven. The units are 20 strong each or rather will be when it comes to the game. Currently one is short by 3 warriors as it never had them to begin with and so I'll need to make some from my left over dwarves from the battalion box.

So here they are as they stand at the minute.

Dwarf Army Project Log: Quarrellers Done

Hi all.

Today I bring an update to the Dwarf army I'm currently putting together and painting. A while back I posted a list, Dwarf Army Project Log: 1000pt List, and now I'm happy to announce that the first full unit for the army is complete. That unit, as you will have guessed from the title of today's post, are the Quarrellers. In the list I have 16 of them however the full unit I've painted up is 20 strong. Its taken me a little longer to get them done than I had originally intended but whats important is they are done now. I'm really happy with how they've turned out. The colour scheme I tested on my Dwarf Thane, here, has worked well across the unit. I'm happy it has as I really didn't want to have to start all over for the 2nd time (my planned colour scheme back when I first started my dwarfs, begnning of 7th ed, was green and purple. A unit of warriors and thunderers paid a high price for me discover it doesn't look good). I've also learned some good colours to use for beards and the appropriate washes to shade them with and colours to highlight with. So all in all I'm very happy.

And now for the some pictures.

Scenery WIP: Eldar Webaway/Transporter Pads

Hi all

So I've been quiet the last couple of weeks when it comes to posting. Hobby stuff has taken a bit of a back seat and the going is slow. However I have been doing bits here and there. Today I bring some pictures of some scenery I've been slowly working on and would like to share the progress so far.

The curved plastic pieces are some guttering brackets that were on clearence that I got from a diy store. I decided to go with a triangular shaped platform in the centre as it seemed to fit with the over look I would be going for better than other shapes. The Dark Eldar model was for sizing purposes whne it ame to deciding oon the size of the platforms.

Finished Skaven Doomwheel

Hey folks,
after a slow couple of weeks working and going to christenings and things, I got back today and finished off my Doomwheel. Overall I think it came out fairly well, the base needs doing still (it's drying at the moment) and maybe a tinker with the banner, the freehand is supposed to look scruffy and basic, as they are a chittering rat culture and I thought that they wouldn't got for a totally crisp design, it'll most likely get blown up anyway....

Twin Tailed Comet Spotted Over Mexico?????

Hey all,
a bit of a random post today, but I found this video of what people are calling either a ufo or a jet plain with vapour trails being reflected in the sun, however I personally like the theory that it's Sigmar's comet.... what do you think?

Also as I was looking at the same site as I was typing the above and found this video too

Looks to be the same sort of thing as the one spotted in Mexico. Opinions?


Blackmane's Dwarves: WIP

Hi all

Today I've brought a few pictures of the Dwarf Quarrellers unit that I'm currently working on. They're about half done and are the first unit painted up with the army colour scheme. The previous test of the scheme was on a Thane so I was unsure if It would work well across a whole unit let. However I can now say that it does and I think the whole army will look very good when its all painted up. Zebulon certainly seemed to like them when I spent the day at his on Sunday.

Anyway on with the pictures and see what you think.

Zebulon's Doomwheel WIP

Hi all,

I've finally got my laptop fixed and now I can post properly again! Today I've just got a little update on a Doomwheel I'm doing for my Skaven. Usually I don't like to post WIP's but I'm fairly impressed with how smoothly it's turning out, so I thought a pic or two now couldn't hurt. I've usually shied away from any proper weathering, such as rust and verdigris but being a Skaven player the army sort of demands it.

The basic principal I went with for this was what's vital to the machine, thinking that the Warlock Engineers would be more inclined to look after the more valuable parts and because I'm going for Clan Ektrik and their love of warp lightning, I figured the guns would be the most important! Anyway, to the pictures......

Blackmane's Dark Eldar: Reinforcements

Hi all

Today I bring an update to my Dark Eldar Kabal. There have been a fair few new releases over the past month and I've bought most of them (I would be getting wracks, grotesques and a haemonculi but wayland is cancelling all finecast orders due to a number of flaws they found).

So first up are some pictures of the models I've assembled so far.

Razorwing Jetfighter
I started assembling this the same day I got it I was that excited. I think the model is great. It just looks sleek and deadly, just how it should look. As can be seen from a couple of the pictures below it is notably smaller than a Valkyrie. One thing that isn't clear enough on the photo's is just how much thinner it is compared to the Valkyrie. It really does highlight the difference between the bulky Imperial Craft and the sleek  craft of the Dark Eldar/Eldar.

Blackmane & Zebulon Versus Challenge: The Result

Hi all

So the poll for voting was open for just less than a week and we now have the final result.
Zebulon : 1
Blackmane : 4

So that makes me the winner of the first vs challenge. Ok so there weren't a lot of votes overall but thanks to those people that took the time to have a look. I'd just like to say that I think Zebulon did well with his Chaplain, especially seen as it was very poorly cast.

Even though the poll is now closed please feel free to take a look at the chaplains (Zebulon's , Blackmane's and leave any comments you may have as they are always welcome.

As always thanks for reading and have a good week.


Blackmane & Zebulon Versus Challenge: Voting is Open

Hi all

Just a quick post to say a poll has now been added, top right, to find out the winner of myself and Zebulon's first Vs Challenge. The poll will be open until Sunday the 19th of June. Vote for which of the two Chaplain you like the best and the winner will be announced on Sunday.

Zebulon's Chaplain can be found here:

Blackmane's Chaplain can be found here:

Thanks for taking the time to look and hopefully vote.


Zebulon & Blackmane Versus Challenge: Zebulons Chaplain

Hey all, today i bring my chaplain which i have been working on over the last week to compete with Blackmane. Was very frustrating to paint as i got a bad cast bt i think i covered most of it fairly well, Ultramarines are renowned for there romanyness so i tried to include a little of that in the wreath and the cloak. Any c&c's are welcome and we're going to do a poll to decide who was the winner, so when its up any votes would be awesome!
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Blackmane & Zebulon Versus Challenge: Blackmane's Chaplain

Hi all.

Today is the day we reveal the Jump Pack Chaplians we've been working on over the past week.

So today I bring pictures of my finished Jump Pack Chaplain for mine and Zebulon's Vs Challenge. I'm very happy with how he's turned out, especially with the wolf pelt I sculpted. I decided to flex my fine detail/free hand muscles and added the little runes on the bottom of the leg and on the jump pack to add to the space wolf feel.

On with the pictures.

Blackmane & Zebulon Versus Challenge: Blackmane Update

Hi all.

If you read the post by Zebulon on Sunday then you'll know that Zebulon and myself are currently involved in a grueling challenge of hobby and painting skill (ok that may be a bit over the top). Anyway this is just a  quick update to keep everyone up to date on my progress with only 3 days left to go.

So far I've made all the modifications, big and small, to my jump pack chaplain model. He's been basecoated and is ready for painting. However I will admit that I had intended to start painting him today but got side tracked, basing 89 models to be exact (more on those another day). That means I'm currently behind my own imposed schedule but I'm hoping to have him pretty much done by tomorrow night. This means I should meet the 5pm deadline on Sunday.

Now this kind of post would normally warrant a few nice WIP pictures. However, Zebulon and myself agreed not to post any in order to keep the final models a suprise for ourselves and all you out there. So with that there really isn't much more I can say as I don;t wish to give anything away.

As always thanks for reading and please drop by on Sunday to see the end results of mine and Zebulons week of toil and hardship (over the toip again isn't it?).


Blackmane & Zebulon Versus Challenge: Jump Pack Chaplain

Myself and Blackmane were chatting (as we tend to do) and we both had the desire for the Jump Pack Chaplain, for Blackmanes Sky Claws and for my up coming game im taking a 10 man Assault Squad and I thought a chaplain would be a handy addition.

Coincidentaly we both suggested about doing a kind of versus challenge, we've given ourselves 1 week and both the same Finecast model to make them as different and as army themed as possible. The official start time is 5pm GMT today and the finish post is the same time next Sunday.

This will hopefully be the first in a series of these to showcase our painting and let us paint the stuff we think is awesome but dont have any real gaming use for, I know Blackmane wants us to do the Khorne Lord on Juggernaut next lol.

So we're under starters orders...
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Blackmane's Thoughts: Metal Vs Finecast

Hi all

Today I thought I'd talk a bit about GW's new Finecast and do a bit of a comparrison between Finecast and metal. Now I know there's been a lot of talk about this already but I thought a bit of a comparrison between the metal and finecast versions of a model could be interesting.

So the models I have chosen to compare are the Incubi. I got hold of a box of the new Finecast versions on Saturday and later the same day went back to the shop and bought one of the old metal boxes of Incubi. Now one of the reasons for this is I could have a full 10 man squad without having to buy another Finecast box and therefore save myself some money. It was then I decided to have a go at a comparrison.

So up first I want to talk about the detail. As far as I can tell GW have made this a big selling point with this fact constantly repeated.

Personally I'm not sure the difference is as great as GW has been making out. While I agree the little details are sharper, I don't think it makes a lot of difference to the other area's of the model. For example the armour plates on the Incubi are pretty much the same quality on both the Finecast and Metal. While the Finecast model has slightly sharper edges to it I personally don't think it really adds anything to the model. Maybe this will change when its painted but for now I don't think its anything major.

Next I want to talk about assembly. This really is where Finecast is way ahead of Metal. As I'm sure you all know assembling metal models can sometimes be a real pain, especially those little tiny pieces. Today I manged to assemble all 5 Finecast Incubi. They went together way better than any metal model does. A small amount of superglue, put the parts together and within a very short time its stuck. Now thats good. I can see that been really useful for those bigger models. Not having to hold the parts together for a long time while the glue dries will make them so much easier to assemble.
As you can see I didn't get the metal ones finished. This was just due to time rather than because they are difficult to assemble.

What I want to talk about next is a drawback of the Finecast models. Now I'm hoping that I just had some bad luck and picked a bad box. I say that because there are so many little bits and pieces that are miscast on my models. 4/5 of them have the armour on the back of their right arms missing, its just a mess of resin rather than the nice pointed armour the dark eldar have. The cloth wrapped around thier arms on 3/5 of them has barely any texture on them and the cloth that hanges from the waist has either holes or not cast quite right on 4/5 of them.  The holes for the arms to attach were all pretty much not deep enough with them only been 1 or 2mm into the surface and the points where the back vanes attach usually needed deepening on the left hand side. On the very first one I actually found a piece of rubber embedded in the collar of the Incubi's armour. There are other other little bits and pieces but I'm not going to go through them all. The metal versions though have very few defects. A few bent swords, which were easily straightened, and the odd rough patch that was easily removed with a knife or file. There's no detail missing like with the Finecast ones. So like I said I'm hoping this was just bad luck on my part as I would love to have some of the new Wracks and will no doubt get a box. But if they turn out like these I may give getting more than that a miss.

On to the cost. The metal box was £18.50 and the new Finecast box £23. Thats £4.50 more. Are they worth the increased price? I'm not sure they are. Sure they're easier to work with, lighter, better fine details, etc but they are same models. There's nothing new. Options for a Klaivex would have been great or maybe make it a box of 10 for £25-£28. That would have made it worth it. But for a box containing no new pieces, just the same models in a new material, I don't think it is.

So my final comments. While I was hesitant about the switch to Finecast I have to admit I think its a step in the right direction for GW. While I like the metal models, probably one of the few people who does, I think the new Finecast stuff will really open possibilities in the future in terms of what GW will be able to put out there. I just hope that the overall quality of these new models is better than the ones I got as it would be a shame if the amount of miscasting I got on mine is common place. Hopefully it is just teething problems with the new material that will be improved as time goes on.

Well thats my thoughts on Finecast. Please feel free to tell me what you think in the comments and let me know if you've found lots of little faults as I did as I'm curious to to if its a common problem or just unluckiness on my part.

As always thanks for reading.


My Experiment With Milliput.

So over the last month or so my local discount hardware/general store (or Boyes if you live in the North East of England) has expanded its hobby section, they now have a wide variety of hobby tools; files, knives, saws etc, a large selection of coloured acryllic sprays including nice Mordian Blue and Knarloc Green type colours, a cheap propellant powered airbrush, probably every Vajello paint ever (more on them when ive had a proper dabble) and also the full range of Milliput.

Having read about many a hobbiest using milliput to sculpt, I thought Id give it a go and for £2 I got about 4x the amount compared to Green Stuff. I thought using Milliput to sculpt would be the same, which it is but not.

I bought the standard Yellow-Grey and proceeded to have a go at making a banner for my Stormvermin (see pictures above).

The first thing I noticed was that it didnt have as much elasticity as Green Stuff, when kneading it it seemed to split/crack when folded or stretched.

Secondly, it stuck to everything. GS does too but not to the same extent as this, so I dipped my fingers in water and to my suprise the Milliput actually dissolved slightly, sort of like clay.

After fashioning it into a flag I let it cure, 2 hours, which compared to GS is quick! Working with it once dry was better. It sets rock hard, the lack of elasticity gives a nice solid material, though some may say its now too brittle.

Very easy to make some nice softer edges by going over them with craft knife and maybe adding some relief to it would be possible with care and a bit of skill. Adding the dwarf braid and the skin arm was a moderate success, the shape was there but the nice smooth detail illuded me.

After letting it rest and stick together I came to this conclusion when I use Milliput in the future:

Its good for basic shapes and structures

Its good for large areas

Try using GS for finer details

Having only used it the once, Im interested to see If using a larger array of sculpting tools will yeild better results and it may be that practise makes perfect, in which case I will happily change my view.

As always c&c's welcome,

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Knowing When You're Beaten

A lot has happened since I last posted, Tomb Kings got their release, another GW price hike and the forced excommunication of the southern hemisphere for independent traders, more Dark Eldar reinforcements announced and lastly but not leastly Finecast got its debut... and all the while I sat and watched. I will be the first to admit, id lost my mojo. Sitting down and painting wasnt something I wasnt enamoured to do over the last month or so. I kept up to date with the hobby, discussed it at great length with Blackmane but the paint did not flow until today, I needed a breather as I loathe doing thing half way, I need to be committed or I wont do it at all!

Today, I tried to paint my ltd edition apothecary I got from ebay, to not much success. As im sure you can tell from the pic above a) i still havent got my laptop fixed and b) i cant paint white. The model isnt finished and wont be until its stripped down again and done right, i do love painting, but when i do it, i need to do it properly, like the rest of us im sure! Lol.

I got my mojo back today, a good few hours of painting and I was chilled yet focused at the same time. This is the start of the Zebulon renaissance... next up a warp lightning cannon! And a new tactical squad! More posts tomorrow.

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Dwarf Lord

Hi all

Today I bring some pictureso of my Dwarf Lord/Thane. He will be the one leading the fight against Zebulon's devious ratmen.

Normally after doing a test model, in the case of my dwarves it was a partly broken skull pass thane, I would start on a unit and try it out on them. Unusually for me this time I started with the leader. I'm very happy with how he's turned out and so will be applying these colours to the rest of my army.

Anyway on with pictures.

Harry the Hammer x2

Hi all

Today I bring some pictures of a model that I've paint for Zebulon. When Harry the Hammer came out we both got him. I painted mine fairly soon after getting him. However Zebulon didn't really get very far with his, assembling the scenic base into two halves. So after christmas I offered to take it away and finish it all off. He agreed and I got to work. Its taken some time as I've had to do it in bits and pieces but he's finally done. I'm also including pictures taken from the same view points as my own Harry as a comparrison so don;t worry I haven't put each picture in twice. Zebulon's Harry will be the top picture of each pair and mine the bottome picture.

So on with the pictures.

Dwarves WIP 1 (Pic Heavy)

Hi all

So this is the first post in quite a long time. Probably the longest without a post here on Sign of the Aquila. Since coming back home from university I've taken a little bit of a break from painting and such. Just to recharge my hobby batteries seen as I had turned out a lot of stuff just before coming back. As for Zebulon, he unfortunately is still without a laptop. Though I saw him about a week ago and he is still slaving away at the skaven horde and is also starting to give his Ultarmarines some attention in preperation for a game he's owed someone for a year or two in exchange for some terminators he was given.

Today I thought I'd bring SotA back to life with some WIP shots of my dwarfs as they stand at the minute. For the most part they're not all that far along really but hopefully that'll change over the next few weeks.

So on with the pictures.

First up my Dwarf Lord/Thane. He's about half done at the minute and will probably be the modle I start back on first, so expect pictures of a finished version soon.

Gaming Trees On A Budget

Well with all the fantasy talk between myself and Blackmane and his exceptionaly painted manor house Ive picked up the scenery bug too. Everywhere I go Im noticing things that with a bit of work could be decent scenery.

The best so far are these potted trees I found in Poundworld, any as you may have guessed, they were £1 each!

Communication Breakdown

Not just the name of a rather brilliant song by Led Zeppelin but also the situation Ive found myself in with regards to blog posts, for you see my laptop has died on me and after 3 weeks of tinkering and waiting for bits it seems its going to cost me £250 to have it repaired, which thrilled me muchly this morning...

Anyway thats the explanation for my lack of posts, though Blackmane has done a rather splendid job of posting on the scenery we went halves on and the paint job is nothing short of superb.

This post is thanks to my Android phone and will be how I post over the next couple of weeks, starting tomorrow so stay tuned!

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Warhamer Fortified Manor Complete (Picture Heavy)

Hi all

Today I bring picture of the finished buildings from the Fortified Manor myself and Zebulon got. I've been painting it over the last few days and posting pictures as I went. first time I've done WIP posts. Anyway as I promised yeserday I have pictures of the finished buildings. The walls and fences will be done at a later date.

So on with the pictures.
The Chapel

Warhammer Scenery WIP 5

Hi all

So I bring another update. Two posts in the same day, I don't think think I've done that before. Anyway I've now almost finished the buildings. Just a few details to do and then they're done. So since this morning I've highlighted the tiles, highlighted the wood, painted and washed (or rusted) the silver metal area's and painted the wall crosses. All thats left to do now are all the skulls, the little 'things' on the tops of the roofs, the sun, the moon, the flames in the braziers and the little comets on the chapel. Should be done before I go to bed so finished pictures should be up tomorrow. Speaking of pictures here are some of how it currently is.

Warhammer Scenery WIP 4

Hi all

Today I bring some more pictures of the Warhammer scenery I've been working on now I've got a bit further. I have got the stonework drybrushed with a lighter shade, basecoated all the wood (very boring pianitng brown for a long time), added a lighter blue to the blue area on the tower in the same fashion as the walls and painted and washed all the roof tiles. They'll be highlighted when the wash is dry.

So on with pictures.

Warhammer Scenery WIP 3

Hi all

Today I bring some more WIP shots of mine and Zebulon's Warhammer Scenery. I got the stucco finished on the walls and while not as light coloured as GW's painting guide I quite like the way its turned out. After I had finished that I did the stone work and got it washed. At this point it was quite late, 1 or half 1 in the morning, so I decided to stop for the night. So here are some pictures of the finished stucco and the buildings look like this morning.

With the stucco finished.