Drakwald Carnalites Minotaur Finished

Hey all,

I'm back again today with my finished Drakwald Carnalites Minotaur. After dping most of work last week it only took me an hour or so to finish it off to a standard Im happy with......

The Drakwald Carnalites' Two Newest Recruits

Hey all,

Just a quick post showing off the Carnalites' newest recruits, 2 more blockers.

Drakwald Carnalites Minotaur WIP

Hey all.l,

I'm back today with the first WIP for my Carnalites. As somewhat of a tester for the team I picked the Minotaur as he has both armour and skin/fur that can be translated across the team.

Zebulon's Blood Bowl Trophy

Hi all Zebulon here again with another post for my foray into Blood Bowl, this time a small tangent away from teams. My local gaming group have organised a small tournament/season. 

For the winner we decided to create a trophy!

The Drakwald Carnalites Blood Bowl Team

Zebulon back again with a slightly different foray into Blood Bowl, having already been playing with a Skaven team for the last few months and a glorious 0-9 game losing streak, I've decided to lose some speed and go for something with a little more punch!