Slann Starmaster Reshoot

Hi all,

Im here again with another post, this time it's not something really new however it is one of my favourite models I've ever painted. I was never really happy with the pics I took to show it off, so now I've invested in better equipment I thought I'd give it another go..... so on with the pics!

Painting Challenge Winner

Hi all.

Just a quick post to announce the winner of mine and Zebulon's Painting Challenge. This time around it was my Gaunt Summoner vs Zebulon's Endrinmaster. After a week of votes the results were 4 votes to my Gaunt Summoner and 1 vote to Zebulons's Endrinmaster.

So that makes my Gaunt Summoner the winner for this challenge.

I think a well done to both of us for two well painting models and a thankyou to those who voted and those who just came to have a look.

Thanks for having a read.


For Sigmar!: Retributors and Liberators

Hi all,

Today I bring a post on the first squad of Liberators and my squad of Retributors. Both of these are from the AoS starter set so the Retributor squad is only 3 strong. I have bought 2 extra Retributors off ebay to take them up to a 5 man unit however I hadn't done them at the time of writing this post. Both of the units were again painted up for my first ever game of AoS. Both units did fairly well if I remember correctly, with the Retributors coming on late but taking our Zebulon's Saurus riding Cold Ones who had butchered my Prosecutors and most of another Liberator squad.

Lets see some more pictures.

I'm happy with how they all turned out. It's a shame I hadn't managed to get my other 2 Retributors done along with these 3 but I'm sure if I follow the same video tutorial from warhammer tv they should match just fine. I really am finding the videos on warhammer tv very useful for painting the contents of the starter set and I'd highly recommend them. From the starter set I now just have 1 unit each of Liberators and Prosecutors and then Vandus Hammerhand himself. After that I have a 3rd Liberators squad to do along with a few of the character models. Hoping to have them all starter set stuff done by christmas if not all my Stormcast Eternal stuff I have so far. It would make them my most completed army if I do haha.

Also if you don't come here often you may be unaware that myself and Zebulon are currently near the end of running a poll to decided the winner of our latest painting contest which can be found here. If you want to help decided the winner cast your vote. The poll can be found at the top of the page just beneath the banner.

As always thanks for taking the time to have a look and please feel free to leave a comment be it good, bad or somewhere in between.


For Sigmar!: Lord Relictor

Hi all.

So today I bring a post about my recently finished Lord Relictor for my Stormcast Eternals army. Seen as I'm collecting the Hammers of Sigmar the Lord Relictor is actually named as one Ionus Cryptborn. I got him painted up and finished before my first ever game of AoS a few weeks back which was against Zebulon and his Seraphon. I think Zebulon would agree this guy was a real pain for him. In my first turn he oblitorated 3 skinks with lightning before over the next two turns taking out the rest of the unit more or less single handed. More importantly I kept him near Vandus Hammerhand and healed him multiple times keeping him in the fight the whole game.

With that said on to some more pictures.

Overall I'm happy with how he turned out. I think the weakest area on him is probably his standard. I think the paint job there got a little rough in places there but nevermind. I just followed the excellent painting video on the warhammer tv youtube channel when it came to painting him up. The only thing I did differently was I kept the standard seperate and I tweeked the odd detail here and there.

In other business myself and Zebulon are now a few days into a poll on our recent painting challenge. If you haven't had a look yet then follow the link here. If you would like to vote then the pole can be found at the top of the page just below the main banner.

Well that's all for today. Thanks for taking the time to have a look and please feel free to leave any comment be it good, bad or somewhere in between.


Blackmane vs Zebulon Painting Challenge Showcase

Hi all,

So this post was meant to go up yesterday but unfortunately got delayed slightly. Anyway here are the pictures fo the finish models that myself and Zebulon have painted up as part of our challenge. A Kharadron Overlords Endrinmaster by Zebulon and a Gaunt Summoner by myself. 

So on with the pictures. 

Blackmane vs Zebulon Painting Challenge: Challenge Back On

Hi all,

Just a quick post to say our painting challenge is back on. It's actually been resumed since last week but in all honesty I just haven't had chance to get a post up. So The end date is actually tomorrow so post with our models should be up tomorrow evening sometime.

Thanks for having a look.


Blackmane vs Zebulon Painting Challenge: Challenge Paused

Hi all.

Just a quick update on the painting challenge. It was due to end tomorrow but in actual fact we've paused the challenge. Zebulon asked me earlier on this week if we could pause the challenge as due to longer than usual days at work for the last week or so he hasn't had time to even get started. So because of this I agreed to pausing the challenge until Zebulon has his free time back again as it seemsonly fair. 

Hopefully that won't be to long and we'll get a new end date set as soon as possible.

Thanks for bearing with us haha.


Blackmane vs Zebulon Painting Challenge!

Hi all.

Today marks the start of a new painitng challenge between myself (Blackmane) and Zebulon. As some of you may know from time to time we run a challenge where we pick a model (it might be one we both like, both want to try painting, both own, etc), set a time limit and get painting. The challenge this time is in a format we've only done once before in that we won't be painting the same model and we each picked the model the other will paint (link to the last one where we did an Empire General vs Wight King). 

The criteria were as follows:

  • An Age of Sigmar model
  • Had to have the HERO keyword
  • Under £20 in value
  • No rule on model material
  • No rule on specific factions/armies 
More after the jump. 

Zebulon's Scenery Splurge: Ruined Medicum

Hey all,

I'm here again with another scenery splurge, this time not a scratch built building,  but a repurpose of some older kits I bought, with a few additions.

Hunting for Ur-Gold: Completed Auric Runefather on Magmadroth

Hi all.

Today I bring pictures of my latest finished project my Auric Runefather on Magmadroth. Originally I bought this model (as part of the Start Collecting Fyreslayers box) to paint up and enter in to a painting contest my local GW store was holding. Sadly while I had the model finished on time events on the day stopped me getting it to the store to enter it meaning I'll never know how I would have done. I'd like to think I'd have done ok. Either way it was a really good model to paint up and I'm glad I did. No doubt this will lead to a small Fyreslayer contingent to ally with my Stormcast Eternals army haha. 

So on with some pictures of the finished model.

 More after the jump. 

Zebulon's Scenery Splurge: Fuel Tank

Hi all,

I'm back again with my next piece in the Scenery Splurge. At the same time as making the Filtration Unit on the previous post I cobble together a storage tank.....

Zebulon's Scenery Splurge: Filtration Unit

Hi all,

I'm back again with more terrain madness! This time with my scratchbuilt filtration unit, straight out of the underhive!

Zebulon's Scenery Splurge: Forgotten Industrial Shrine

Hi all,

I'm back again with my second scenery piece, this time it's a forgotten shrine.  I thought that as the Imperium is so large and the hive cities are so large there would be memorials that were built and have been totally forgotten about as areas have been abandoned or declined and taken over by the lower hive gangs. 

I thought this was a good opportunity to make something that would stand out a lot compared to the rest of the pieces, but also look more neglected than the rest

Zebulon's Scenery Splurge: Industrial Pumping Tower

 Hi all,

I'm back again with my latest projects, this time focusing around scenery. I've had a really good fun of ideas for scenery lately and this is just the first post of my terrain efforts! First off a pumping tower/silo.......

Hunting for Ur-Gold: Auric Runefather on Magmadroth WIP

Hi all.

Today I bring a rather picture heavy post of the work I've done so far on my Auric Runefather on Magmadroth. 

The pictures are in no particular order. 

 More after the jump.

40k Scenery: Tractor

Hi all,

I'm back again today with a complete random tangent of a project! Total time spent on this was at most 2 hours. I had a toy tractor sat on my desk for ages and couple of weeks ago everything seemed to click......

For Dorn! For The Emperor! 2: Imperial Fists Cataphractii Terminator Captain

Hi all.

To round out the working week I bring the second of the two models I said I had been working on in my post on Monday. In this case it's an Imperial Fists Cataphractii Terminator Captain. Again this is a model from the Betrayal and Calth box and I picke dit up on ebay at the same time as the Chaplain. 

On with some pictures. 

 More after the jump.

For Sigmar!: Stomcast Eternal Liberators WIP

Hi all.

Today I bring a quick WIP post on my first squad of Liberators for my Stormcast Eternals. I'm enjoying working on them so far and it's certainly interesting doing a predominently metallic paint scheme as it's something I've not done before. 
So on with a couple of pictures.

 More after the jump.

For Dorn! For The Emperor!: Imperial Fists Chaplain

Hi all. 

Today Is my birthday (Happy Birthday to me I guess haha) and I thought I'd share pictures of one of a pair of the models I've been working on for the last few weeks. First up it's an Imperial Fists Chaplain. It's the chaplain model from the Betrayal at Clath set. I picked it up off ebay but for the life of me I can't remember when. 

So on with some pictures.

 More after the jump. 

Firestorm Armada: The Overseers

Hi all.

Today I bring the last of my Firestorm Armada ships from the Return of the Overseers starter box. This time its the Aforementioned Overseers themsleves. 

The set comes with two things from the Overseers. There is a small probe like ship. Bigger than the frigates of the Aquan and Directorate fleets but not quite as big as the medium ships. And then there is the Overseer space gateway (can't remember its actual name off the top of my head).

So on with some pictures.

Skulls for the Skull Throne: Part 1 Khorgorath

Hi all.

Today I bring a few pictures of my recently finished Khorgorath from the Age of Sigmar starter set. I picked this up towards the back of last year and recently decided to finally make a start on it. At the time of writing all the stormcast eternals are assembled and mostly based with gold and washed. Of the Khorne contingent I've done the Khorgorath and assembled the characters.

Why did I start with the Khorgorath you might be asking? Well I'm honestly not sure. I think it's partly because I think it's a really cool looking model and I think when I started it I was just on the mood for painting something more on the scale of a monster as opposed to a human (relatively) sized figure. So I set about the Khorgorath and here are some pictures of the fruits of my labours.

 More after the jump.

Firestorm Armada: Aquan and Directorate Large Class Ships

Hi all. 

Today I bring some pictures of the large class ships form the Return of the Overseers boxset I picked up last year. For the Aquans its the Oannes Class Heavy Carrier and for the Directorate its the Anarchist Class Battleship. 

First up the Oannes Class Heavy Carrier. Not an out and out battleship like the Directorate's Anarchist but no less capable in its own way. As the name suggests it is part carrier meaning it can launch little ships (can't remember what the proper name for them is). I'd assume that rather than being right at the front of the fighting its role is more supportive in nature. So on with some pictures.

Firestorm Armada: Directorate Medium Class Ships

Hi all,

Today I'm bring some pictures of the Dictatorate medium class ships for Firestorm Armada. Again these are ships I picked up in the Return of the Overseers boxset last year. 

First up are the Turmoil Class R&D Cruiser.There were 2 of these in the boxset. I thought these had a really interesting design to them. They remind me slightly of some sci-fi ship I've seen somewhere but can't put my finger on where (If anyone has any suggestions I'd be happy to hear them).So on with some pictures.

Firestorm Armada: Aquan Medium Class Ships

Hi all.

Today I bring pictures of the medium class ships for my Aquan fleet for firestorm armada. These are again those out of the return of the overseers boxset that I picked up last year. 

First up the Shiva Class Gunship. There were two of these in box. I think they are quite nice looking ships like the rest of the aquan ships in the box. If I remember correctly they came in four parts. There was very little in the way of flash or mould lines to remove and they went together with no real problems. So on with the pictures of them. 

Sign Of The Aquila Facebook Page

Hi all,

Just a quick word to say we've launched a Facebook page! The blog will still be the main home of articles but the Facebook page will be filled with smaller WIP updates and random tangents!

Thankyou to everyone who's ever read our blog and we look forward to seeing you on the page!


40k Abandoned Factory Display: Interior Walls

Hello all,

I'm here again with another update on my current project. After finishing most of the scenery pieces... rubble, barrels, power generator etc etc, it was finally time to tackle the main part of the project, the factory interior!

Below is a pretty much a step by step how I did it and I would warn you, this post is pretty pic heavy!

40k Abandoned Factory Display: Power Generator

Hello again,  

I'm back with another WIP for my abandoned factory this time finishing off the thematic scatter terrain with and power generator

40k Abandoned Factory Display: Barrels

Hello all,

This is the next part of my Abandoned Factory Display, some gooed up barrels! The idea behind these is they will add some good LOS blocking terrain to what could be a very open area. 

RIP Alan Bligh

Myself and Blackmane would like to extend our condolences to the friends and family of Alan Bligh. 

Such a sad loss, a man who has brought fun and joy to thousands of people during his time with Forge World.

You will be missed sir.

40k Abandoned Factory Display: Bulkhead Light

Hey all I'm back again with another small update from my Abandoned Factory Display/photo backdrop/terrain piece, this time some more lighting..... a down light/bulkhead light. 

40K Abandoned Factory Display: Burning Rubble

Hello all,

Im back again with anoter update on my display/photography/terrain piece factory. I've added a couple of detail bits as you can see in the above photo. Firstly there's the pully and chain with a small hook on the end, perfect for hoisting up heavy things. The pully came from and old computer mouse and the chain came off eBay. Next there's the simple electricity box which are doors from a Hornsby engine shed and the electricity cable came from an old pair of earphone. Simple but effective in all 3 cases :)

40K Abandoned Factory Display: Crates

Hello all, 

I'm back again with a small update on probably my most ambitious project to date. This time I've started with the smaller crates and containers that are going to be scattered around the interior of the factory. 

40k Abandoned Factory Display

Hello all,

I'm back again today with my next display project. Next?! You say? Well yes. I really enjoyed making my last small backdrop so much, I've elected to make a bigger one. This will be for photography of larger models and squads and for table top play as well. I'm doing the centre section first, the interior then the exterior and then the addition of two ruined pieces for the ends. This should be enough to tide me over until 8th ed rolls along.

The Quest For Better Photography

Hello all, I'm here once again another hobby post this time not so much a painting or WIP post but my quest for better photography!

40k Photography Backdrop

Hi all,

Today I'm back with a slightly different project than my Blood Bowl or Iron Hands, in an attempt to make my photos for the blog look better Ive invested in a small light box, which is winging its way through the post to me as we speak, hopefully I'll get some quality pictures out of it. But to avoid the plain white backgrounds or the jumbled painting station Ive had before, I've turned my attention to making a nice scenic background.

Drakwald Carnalites Minotaur Finished

Hey all,

I'm back again today with my finished Drakwald Carnalites Minotaur. After dping most of work last week it only took me an hour or so to finish it off to a standard Im happy with......

The Drakwald Carnalites' Two Newest Recruits

Hey all,

Just a quick post showing off the Carnalites' newest recruits, 2 more blockers.

Drakwald Carnalites Minotaur WIP

Hey all.l,

I'm back today with the first WIP for my Carnalites. As somewhat of a tester for the team I picked the Minotaur as he has both armour and skin/fur that can be translated across the team.

Zebulon's Blood Bowl Trophy

Hi all Zebulon here again with another post for my foray into Blood Bowl, this time a small tangent away from teams. My local gaming group have organised a small tournament/season. 

For the winner we decided to create a trophy!