Building Mordheim - Buildings WIP

Hey all,
today I bring another WIP update (seems like I have a lot of projects at the minuet!). Yesterday I started building scenery for my Mordheim board. I found some amazing examples on the interwebs, thoug I dont think mine will be quite that good! I'm going for the rough and haggard approach. It is the city of the damned and even before the meteor struck, I would have thought that maintenance wouldn't have been a super high priority in a medieval type fantasy town. So here are some pics!

A Tale Of Two Landraiders

Hi all
today i bring the WIP updates on two of my landraiders. Both were bought off eBay for very reasonable amounts as can be seen here. So after quite a while in the gaming cupboard, I dug them out a week or so a go and began work turning them into lean mean killing machines!

On The Wyrdstone Road: Mordheim

Hi all, well it has been a very long time since I posted anything really on here as I've just not found the time, or done anything which I note as being rather spectacular, but today I bring you a post about my friend and I's venture into Mordheim.