Merry Christmas from Sign of the Aquila

Just a quick post to say Merry Christmas to all those of you out there from myself and Zebulon. Thankyou for reading Sign of the Aquila.

Hopefully you've enjoyed our posts so far and will be back to read more in the future.

Merry Christmas


Blackmane Post 4

Ok. I've missed another week so it won't be a weekly post anymore for the time been. It will just be as and when I can add a post about what kind of thinsg i've been up too.

So lets get down to what i've been up too since my last post.

Iron Lords Chapter Master

Well then, it's been rather a long time coming this, but around work and ordering the bits ive found time to build me a chapter master/master of the forge! :D

                                                         Hoban Lakorr (Click to Enlarge)

Weekly Blackmane Post - 3

So I may have missed a week or two, thats all down to a computer problem.

Anyway on with an update.

So since my last post I have managed to finish my Lukas the Trickster model. I have to admit I may have out done myself again and I didn't think I could do better than I did on Njal.