Zebulon's House Hawkshroud

Hi all,

Its been a very long time since myself or Blackmane have posted, but that doesn't mean to say that we haven't been busy. I've been bitten by the Knight bug... so may I present my current project.... House Hawkshroud

AoS Magic Alter/Objetive Marker

Hi all,

I've been noodling around with some terrain ideas for AoS (if you not seen my previous post) and through a bit of trial and error I came up with an idea for a magic alter.

It's was cast in epoxy resin in a 40mm square jewlery mould. The bottom half had Carroburg Crimson added to it for the colour and the top was painted in screamer pink. The whole thing was dry brushed in Emperors Children. The bottom half was agitated whilst drying to give a bubbling feel. The top half had the middle pulled up whilst it was curing to give a support in the middle to leave a gap.

The skeleton bits were painted in Zandri Dust and the lathered with BFTBG. The base came from an old toy painted in Mech Standard grey, dry brushed with Dawnstone and washed with Agrax Earthshade.

 ET Voila! Took maybe 2 hours to make in total. Looks good on the table top and has more of that fantastical/high fantasy feel I mentioned in my previous post. 

Well that's another one in that bag! As always feel free to leave a comment below whether they be good bad or inbetween and thanks for reading.


AoS Floating Islands Terrain WIP

Hi all,

Im back with another terrain project I'm working on. My gaming group is having a bit of an AoS renaissance as they are doing a Tale of 4 Warlords log. As our club was largely 40k orientated we have lots of terrain for 40k, but not as much variety for AoS. So I've set to work tinkering on some bits and bobs for us. 

My main thought is AoS isn't a classic fantasy setting, I.e medival, but more 'High Fantasy' like Warcraft or Conan. It just seems more fantastical now and I'm working on terrain to try and reflect that. 

After searching for inspiration I saw some part for floating islands and I soon figured out how to do it.

The islands themselves are made from expanding foam and hole filla. Very cheap to pick up and easy to use. I followed the basic Terrain Tutor method for making these (if you dont know about The Terrain Tutor, seriously go give him a look, loads of tips, tricks and ideas!) 

I've made 3 island in total and I'm currently working on the smaller two to get to grips with how it all works before tackling the larger island above.

The chains are of equal length and space to give 3 good legs. They came from some Halloween chain I picked up years ago as it was being sold off and thought I'd find a use for it eventually. Each link is plastic glued to the next to form a decent bond, it's still fairly fragile but is ok for table top use of taken care of. The hardest bit was trying to get the hang of the chains to make them seem they are hanging rather than holding up the island. 

The pick below is the second attempt at the chains. While still not totally perfect they do look a lot better than the first attempt.

So there you have it, the first piece constructed! I'm actually waiting on the second to dry right now and then I can base that one too.

Well that's all for now. As always please feel free to leave comments below, whether they be good, bad or inbetween!


For Sigmar!: Vandus Hammerhand

Hi all,

Today I've got a post on the leader of my Stormcast Eternals and as is befitting it's actually fallen that this is the 400th post here on Sign of the Aquila (It's only taken 8 years 10 months haha).

So Vandus is the nominal leader of my Stormcast force as I've chosen to do the Hammers of Sigmar with the core of my force being from the Hammerhands specifically. Finishing Vandus has been a long time coming. I started him Feb/March time. However myself and my partner were starting the process of buying a house so I started to scale my hobby activity back and pack stuff up. I finished a couple of other small hobby projects but as he wasn't close to finished I decided to leave him until I could dedicate the appropriate time required rather than rush to finish him.

Since we moved he has been sat in a box, I started work on a couple of LotR projects (see the posts from Friday 8th and Saturday 9th if you're interested and haven't seen them already), and I just generally found myself occupied with house related things (the list of small things to fix, do, etc, seems to keep growing). However with the announcement of new Stormcast reinforcements and a new edition, I thought I should probably work to get him finished. Not only that it also marks the last Stomcast to be finished from the original starter set I bought around winter time 2016 haha. He has however played in one game and I'm sure Zebulon could attest to how effective he was given he delt most of the wounds taken by his Oldblood on Carnosaur, swung the tide in favour of my stormcast in the fight against his cold one cavalry, before finishing the game landing the the killing blow on his Slann Mage Priest.

Lets take a look.


Sons of Durin!

Hi all.

Today I'm back with another post about some Lord of the Rings models I have recently finished. This time round it's a set of Dwarves. GW put these out to primarily represent Dwarves of the Third Age but really they would be fine to represent any Dwarves I think. I had one of the old boxes of 24 sat around and after finishing my Morannon Orcs (see yesterday's post), I fancided doing some more LotR stuff and these fit the bill nicely. I've only done half of them so far as I find 12 at once is really about my comfortable limit for batch painting (I did a long time ago paint 24 Warriors of Minas Tirith in one go and found it such a drag).

Picture time!
(Realised I forgot the traditional group shot, oops!)

Servants of the Eye!

Hi all,

Today I bring some pictures of my recently completed Morannon Orcs for the Lord of the Rings/Hobbit game. I don't know why I decided to paint these up, I just got the urge to do so. However I am glad I did as I actually really enjoyed doing so and, at the end of the day, that's part of what this hobby is all about.

So on with some pictures.

Laketown House Prototype WIP (Picture Heavy)

Image result for laketown

Hi all.

Happy 1st of the month. So it has been a long time since a post went up on here. For myself that's as a result of going through the whole process of buying a house with my partner and all the stuff that goes along with that. So I didn't have much chance to get much painting done for a while. 

(This could be a long post so if you require refreshments or anything now would be the time)

However on and off I have managed to work on another project. As you may have guessed from the title I have been working on my own Laketown House for my Lord of the Rings/The Hobbit models. So this project that I have started on is a culmination of a few things. Firstly, myself and my girlfriend spent a lot of time watching through all the extra features on the extended editions of the LotR and Hobbit films. I had seen the LotR ones before but had never found time to watch the Hobbit ones. As I watched I kept getting little bits of inspiration and seeing so many people working with such dedication to something they really cared about must also have rubbed off. And secondly, thanks to Zebulon, I came across the Youtube channel of The Terrain Tutor (some of you will no doubt be aware of his work. If not I highly reccomend checking him out, link here) where I started to pick up all kinds of useful terrain techniques. Thirdly I was inspired by the scenery work Zebulon himself has done recently for his 40k collection. 

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A Very Late Challenge Results Post

Hi all.

So this is a quick, and very late, results post for the painting challenge between myself and Zebulon. Unfortuantely a busy few weeks prevented me from doing this post sooner.

So the challenge this time was to pick a mini that we knew the other had and get them to paint that. So it could be somehting we'd had for ages and not got round to painting or something fairly new that we wanted to see done. I picked for Zebulon to do his take on Shadowsun which he got many moons ago and he challenged me to paint the Branchwych I had recently bought as part of the Sylvaneth start collecting box.

After a week of voting the results stood at 4 votes to my Branchwych and 1 vote to Zebulon's Shadowsun. So that makes my Branchwych the winner.

Thanks to everyone who looked at the post and to those who voted as well. We really appreciate it.


Painting Challenge Finished

Hi all,

So today marks the end of the first challenge of the year between here on Sign of the Aquila. This time round it was a pick something you know the other has and would like to see them paint. So for me, Blackmane picked Shadowsun, a model he picked up for me years ago and I picked for Blackmane to paint up his recently acquired Branchwych.

So below you can find the completed models for you to have a look at and decide which you think deserves to win this painting challenge. 

First up my Commander Shadowsun.

Tau Workshop: Finished Heavy Bombardment Hammerhead

Hi all,

Im back again on my Tau streak this time with the finished Heavy Bombardment Hammerhead. It has taken a couple of weeks working on it a little at a time, but I can honestly say Im happy with it!

Tau Heavy Bombardment Hammerhead WIP

Hi all,

Back with the second update of my Tau extravaganza, this time I'm working on my first Hammerhead, equiped with 2 high yield missile pods and a smart missile system, the TX7 Heavy Bombardment Hammerhead Gunship. I really hope they come up with a catchier name for it eventually like..... Blackreef or Sturgeon or something.... Any way on with the pictures......

For Sigmar!: Prosecutors and Liberators

Hi all.

Today I bring some pictures of a couple of squads I finished just before christmas as part of a push to finish the Stormcast I had from the starter set. The first to be finished were prosecutors and they were swiftly followed by the liberators. I will point out that the liberators aren't technically the ones from the starter. They are a third squad I assmebled from a liberator quick build box and a couple of liberators from the getting started with AoS magazine thing. I didn't really realise this as I dived into them so in my mind I had to change my challenge to 'finish an equivalent amount of stormcast from the starter set'.

Anyway lets get to the pictures.

New Year, New Painting Challenge

Hi all.

So with the new year now here and 6 days in, myself and Zebulon have settled on our first challenge. We've been having quite the discussion about challenges since our last one, for various reasons, and so in the not too distant future we'll be doing something we've not done before. For now though we kick off this year's challenges with a good, simple, painting challenge.

Tau Terrain WIP

All rights to the original creator for the awesome piece

Hi all,

Here's the first update of my slue of Tau goodness! I've started to look at making a few bits of Terrain to go with my force, inbetween painting my Riptide.

A Tau-riffic year!

Happy New Year all!

It was a pretty quiet month from myself and Blackmane hobby wise because of work and Christmas and the like. Though I did manage to squeeze in a 2000pt game just before. I dusted off my Tau and filled the field with them, but this time the Greater Good was turned back by some tenacious Grey Knights.

I love my Tau, I love the aesthetic and the way they are totally opposite the grim dark of the Imperium. Over the last few years Blackmane has done me some excellent models to go with my force but they don't see the field as much as I'd like.