Zebulon 's Slann Starmaster

Hey all, today I bring my Slann Starmaster to the blog. I painted him in a single session yesterday that took about 8 hours. I'm incredibly impressed with how he turned out, one of the better paint jobs I've done recently!

Zebulon's Seraphon Test Mini

Hey all, well today I've been dabbling with a Seraphon (Lizardmen) colour scheme for Age of Sigmar. I'm planning of getting the Start Collecting box to give me a small starter force for quick games of AoS. I've had an on off love affair with Lizardmen for years, I was obsessed with Dinosaurs when I was little and they were going to be my first Warhammer Fantasy army. I bought a box of Saurus warriors and the Army Book at the time and then..... nothing. They've sat with me for the last few years and i've started collecting Skaven in the mean time.

The White Hand Army: Sharku

Hey all,
so as is traditional between Blackmane and myself for Birthdays and Christmas, we get each other gaming stuff, be that models or supplies. Well this Christmas just gone Blackmane surprised me with Sharku!