Tau Ghostkeel WIP

Hey all, today I bring an update on my Ghostkeel suit I got for Christmas from my niece. I'm rotating through my projects trying to give them equal amounts of time. As kits go this is a very nicely put together, again it shows the massive advantages of digital sculpting!

Rogue Trader RPG: Astropath mini

Hey all, I've recently started playing Rogue Trader with my gaming group and I chose the Astropath. We've done it for a few weeks now and we're finally getting into the meat of the campaigns. Last time we were surrounded by cultists and I tried to use psychic scream, failed and caused a mass daemonic possession :/ We've started using minis to represent ourselves so we can keep tabs in combat, so one day last week a made a mini me!

He's made out of various bits, Catachan legs and vest torso, some Empire head, halberd arm and a random open hand from a bitz box. The robes are green stuff obviously, and whilst I'm not the best at green stuffing, they came out ok. The cloak too is from some random bitz box and the purity seals just bring it into the 41st millennium, My character is armed with a Stubber and a Shock staff, he is very old and has a habit if falling over. I'm rather chuffed with him overall, with maybe the exception of the tattered robe ends, they just don't seem quite right. The staff top is from the Empire General kit I think? Again it came in a random bitz box I bought. Be nice to get him painted up!

Anyway, that's my little blurt for today. If you like what you see please feel free to leave a comment below, whether it be good bad or inbetween.


Start Collecting Skitarii Review

Hey all, today I'm giving my little review on the new Start Collecting Skitarii box. Firstly for a GW price of  £50 ($85) these are exceptional value, in this box set the Dunewalker is £40, Rangers/Vanguard £23.50 and the Dominus £22. Even at £50, that's a £35.50 saving. If you're like me and bought it from an online store ( Goblin Gaming for me, 20% discount and £3.90 postage, just under 50% off standalone retail price)

Mechanicus Knight Titan WIP

Hi all.

Today I bring another WIP for a project I have been working on for what feels like ages which as the title of the posts says is a Knight Titan. 

So here are some pictures of it so far. 

The Phoenician WIP

Hi all.

So my first post of 2016 and I bring something more than a little special. As you can probably guess from the title of the post I've been working on The Phoenician, the Primarch Fulgrim of the Emperor's Children. 

Quite a while ago now, about 2 years, I decided to start a heresy era army and after reading the book Fulgrim I settled on the Emperor's Children. Fast forward about 2 years and by chance I came across Fulgrim on ebay for £45. How could I say no to that? So since about November I've been working on and off on Fulgrim and here are some pictures howing my progress so far.