New Blog Post...The Newest Iron Lords

Hi all,
well I did say I was going to post some new pictures, and here's the first few, nicely brightened up by my laptop!

This is the Sergeant Barxon for Squad Barxon, the first squad in the Iron Lords Second Company. He's a slightly converted tyrannic war veteran, the knife he had snapped off as I opened the packed, too rough you say?, no, the blade was already hanging on by a thread, which I presume was because it had become trapped in machineary and slipped through the GW tests, but hey ho. He was also the sgt on my diorama that I entered at my local GW, its the best face I've ever painted, thanks to Blackmane and his tips.
Sencondly we have Captain Amok, just because I had a spare Thunder Hammer, I like his pose, looks like he's just seem something that need smushing, also, thats the smallest star ive ever painted, quite pleased with it don't ya know lol. Yes, i know the base isn't finished, but I will get to that, been busy with a tac squad, I like the model, just because he's starting to lean toward the mechanically feel I want for my Iron lords, the leather, breather mask and chevrons just hint at it, so now I'm going to update my already done Iron Lords termys and add the chevrons, which, by the way, are not easy to paint!!!...

Anyway feel free to add comments, now ive found a better way of presenting my photos, I'm going to re stick up some of my Chapter Master and my Tactical Squad.

I've got 3 Days off!!! Yee-haww! Time to get painty....

Thanks for reading,

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