Dwarf Army Project Log: WIP 2

Hi all

Just a quick WIP post. I've started on the 2 units of warriors that will be in my 1000pt army that will take on Zebulon's skaven. The units are 20 strong each or rather will be when it comes to the game. Currently one is short by 3 warriors as it never had them to begin with and so I'll need to make some from my left over dwarves from the battalion box.

So here they are as they stand at the minute.

Dwarf Army Project Log: Quarrellers Done

Hi all.

Today I bring an update to the Dwarf army I'm currently putting together and painting. A while back I posted a list, Dwarf Army Project Log: 1000pt List, and now I'm happy to announce that the first full unit for the army is complete. That unit, as you will have guessed from the title of today's post, are the Quarrellers. In the list I have 16 of them however the full unit I've painted up is 20 strong. Its taken me a little longer to get them done than I had originally intended but whats important is they are done now. I'm really happy with how they've turned out. The colour scheme I tested on my Dwarf Thane, here, has worked well across the unit. I'm happy it has as I really didn't want to have to start all over for the 2nd time (my planned colour scheme back when I first started my dwarfs, begnning of 7th ed, was green and purple. A unit of warriors and thunderers paid a high price for me discover it doesn't look good). I've also learned some good colours to use for beards and the appropriate washes to shade them with and colours to highlight with. So all in all I'm very happy.

And now for the some pictures.

Scenery WIP: Eldar Webaway/Transporter Pads

Hi all

So I've been quiet the last couple of weeks when it comes to posting. Hobby stuff has taken a bit of a back seat and the going is slow. However I have been doing bits here and there. Today I bring some pictures of some scenery I've been slowly working on and would like to share the progress so far.

The curved plastic pieces are some guttering brackets that were on clearence that I got from a diy store. I decided to go with a triangular shaped platform in the centre as it seemed to fit with the over look I would be going for better than other shapes. The Dark Eldar model was for sizing purposes whne it ame to deciding oon the size of the platforms.

Finished Skaven Doomwheel

Hey folks,
after a slow couple of weeks working and going to christenings and things, I got back today and finished off my Doomwheel. Overall I think it came out fairly well, the base needs doing still (it's drying at the moment) and maybe a tinker with the banner, the freehand is supposed to look scruffy and basic, as they are a chittering rat culture and I thought that they wouldn't got for a totally crisp design, it'll most likely get blown up anyway....

Twin Tailed Comet Spotted Over Mexico?????

Hey all,
a bit of a random post today, but I found this video of what people are calling either a ufo or a jet plain with vapour trails being reflected in the sun, however I personally like the theory that it's Sigmar's comet.... what do you think?

Also as I was looking at the same site as I was typing the above and found this video too

Looks to be the same sort of thing as the one spotted in Mexico. Opinions?