Captain Titus: 'Macragge's Fury'

Well today I thought I'd take a break from painting Skaven, as they say a change is a good as a rest. Anyway I'd had him sat around for a long time in my bits box, and today I thought I'd finish him, he'll either count as a IC or a Sergeant for my Termy assault squad. He's made from a mish-mash of bits, the legs are from the Dark Angels chapter upgrade kit so to is the banner, the Ultra symbol is from the command squad kit, the torso is from the aobr set, the arms are spares from the assault termy kit and the shoulder pads are from Forge World.

All Hail the King!

HI all

Today I bring some more pictures of another recently finished model. If you've looked at the 3 lotr picture posts recently you'll know I did 3 elves in a row. I broke that chain yesterday with a newly painted Theoden on horse. Today however I return to elves.

Today's elf is Thranduil, King of Mirkwood. For those who don't know he is also Legolas's father. I got this model along with the other members of the White Council box. I do like the model and had thought about getting him a few times sicne he came out. So when I managed to get my hands on the White Council box he was one of the ones I was looking forward to painting.

I'm very happy with how he's turned out. Again it's pale colours which I don't like painting but practise makes prefect and I think he's turned  really well. I think I'm most impressed with the green overcoat. The cloak also came out well however I didn't take it to as light a colour as I did with Glorfindel.

Ride now, ride now! Ride for ruin! And the world's ending!

"Arise, arise, Riders of Theoden!
Fell deeds awake, fire and slaughter!
Spear shall be shaken, shield be splintered,
A sword-day, a red day, ere the sun rises!
Ride now, ride now! Ride for ruin! And the world's ending! 
Death! Death! Death! Forth Eorlingas!!"

Hi all

Today I bring some pictures of another additon to my Lord of the Rings forces (Its not an elf!). If you didn't get who it was from the quote above then look below and you'll see who it is. Yes its Theoden, King of Rohan. I decided to get him a couple of weeks ago at the same time I ordered my Dwarf Thane. The reason I ordered this Theoden model is that I've never had a version of Theoden mounted on a horse and I love this model so I decided it was about time to get it. So without any further delay here he is in all his glory.

Zebulon's Clan Ektrik As It Stands

Well just thought I'd post some pics of all the Skaven stuff I have procured and assembled so far....


When I originally started my Skaven I didn't know what Clan I was going to go with and I bought Queek solely as a tester model to see if I enjoyed painting Skaven, I loved the model the instant I saw it, as I've said before, in fact it wasn't until a couple of days ago that I decided to go down the Ektrik route! After mine and Blackmanes showdown I'll be adding Ikit Claw as Ektrik do love their warp lightning, and having him in makes perfect sense, though I will always keep Queek around as he is always good for a bit close combat action, just means I can have a couple of different styles from my army.

Clan Ektrik Stormvermin Fangleader

Well today I set about tackling my Stormvermin, as a tester for the Clan Ektrik theme, I decided to do my Fangleader first, 4 and a bit  hours later I've just finished him, so I doubt I'll be doing any more today, that's the Stormvermin-athon failed then......

Skaven Army Project Log: 24 Hour Stormvermin-athon

So today I sat down to have a crack at my Stormvermin and realised that I didn't have a clue about what colour scheme to use when painting them or for that matter what clan they are going to be part of. So I dug out January's White Dwarf and came down to two choices:

Finished Skaven Warlock

Hey all, 

Well today as promised is my Skaven Warlock, finished as of 5 minutes ago, though the base is screaming for me to do something else with it so I will be going back to that later, but the model as a whole is tabletop ready at least, so without further ado.....

Walk This Way

Hi all

Today I bring some pictures of a new unit for my Tarnhelm 3rd. The unit in question is a new sentinal. I've been wanting another sentinal for a while now. I'm sure Zebulon could back me up on that seen as everytime we've discussed what we're adding to each of our armies next, a sentinal has always come up on my list of what I wanted to add to my Tarnhelm 3rd.

So I finally got round to getting one about 2 weeks ago. No it hasn't taken me two weeks to paint it. I just didn't get round to it until about 2 days ago. After a few hours of painting over a couple of days I finally finished it. Which means its no longer taking up space on an already over crowded paint station (It really is crowded. I have so many things to paint!).

Anyway on with some pictures.

Skaven Warlock WIP

Hey all,

things have been a bit quite from me for the last couple of weeks, but no more! I have a grand total of 10 days off now from work, which I thoroughly intend to spend painting my Skaven. Today I bring you my WIP Skaven Warlock, not sure about a name for him yet, however so far he is coming along swimmingly, should be finished by tomorrow night, as well as hopefully the Stormvermin command squad.

The Invasion of St. Arkham part 2

Hi all.

I had intened to do this yesterday,  so i'll do it now. If your interested in seeing the Fall of Corian IV campaign been played head on over to Warp Signal and look for The Invasion of St. Arkham. They've just played the second game and it was an excellent game. I wish I had been playing it myself.

Thanks for reading.


Lord of the Rings Pictures 3

Hi all

Today I bring another couple of pictures. Its another elf, which makes it 3 elves in a row now (do I win a prize?). To see the prvious 2 elves click here and here.

Anyway on with the pictures.

Fall of Corian IV


Just a quick message to you all.

The guys over ar Warp Signal have posted the first battle report for their Invasion of St Arkham campaign based on The Fall of Corian IV. I advise you to go and have a read. It sounded like a great game and I'm looking forward to seeing how the rest of the campaign goes.



Dwarf Army Project Log: 1000pt List

Hi all. 

Today I start my own army log for my Dwarven army. While technically I started it at the beginning of 7th edition (never played a game), it never really took off so I'm relaunching it for 8th edition. So the only two units I have will get a nice paint done properly and I'll be adding some new stuff in order to take on the devious Skaven under the even more devious Warlord Zebulon.

Look to the Skies....While You Still Can

Hi all

Today I bring some pictures of the latest finsihed Dark Eldar models for my Kabal of the Blazing Sun. The unit in question are my Hellions. I have to admit I originally wasn't too keen on these models when they first came out. However they grew on me and when it came to adding a final unit to my list for the christmas battle against Zebulon's Tau, they fit in just nicely. By which I mean points wise. I had been looking to add Reavers but with the points I had left they wouldn't fit in. So it was Hellions. And I was really glad I got them. They really helped in the game, dragging the Tau Commander away from his bodyguard and halfway across the table.

So without any more delays, I present the Hellions of the Flare Riders.

Skaven Army Project Log: 1000pt List

Well today I received my Clanrats and as I was walking home, my journey took me past my local Games Workshop. I suddenly got the urge to spend....and so I did. A Doomwheel some sand and I also subscribed to White Dwarf....