Zebulon's Seraphon Test Mini

Hey all, well today I've been dabbling with a Seraphon (Lizardmen) colour scheme for Age of Sigmar. I'm planning of getting the Start Collecting box to give me a small starter force for quick games of AoS. I've had an on off love affair with Lizardmen for years, I was obsessed with Dinosaurs when I was little and they were going to be my first Warhammer Fantasy army. I bought a box of Saurus warriors and the Army Book at the time and then..... nothing. They've sat with me for the last few years and i've started collecting Skaven in the mean time.

In White Dwarf 104 there was an article about a Seraphon army that featured a fantastic and different orange/grey/black colour scheme for monsters, with a very dark blue/grey scheme for skinks/saurus etc. I spent quite a while pouring over the pictures. As I said I've had a long love affair with Seraphon which I've never acted upon. So with the availability of the Start Collecting boxes for about £44 for a complete 40 wound force, I thought it would be a nice small alternative for AoS when I don't want to play Skaven (although 2D3 auto hit, auto wound, mortal wound Stormfiends are very fun). So with a little spare time today I did a test mini for my Seraphon:

I apologise for the brightness of the pictures, the lighting isn't very good in my house, so a flash was necessary. I read the article on how the orange/grey Seraphon were painted, and it was mainly a dry brushing effect. I did mine like this:

Chaos Black undercoat
Mechanicus Standard Grey dry brush on scales/skin
Dawnstone dry brush scale skin, trying to pick out the higher raised edges

Green Scales:
Skarskin Green, following the spine and spreading out on the shoulders and legs and the following the fron most edges on the head and crest.
Scorpion Green (Moot Green)

Chaos Black/ Boltgun (50/50 mix)
Boltgun highlight

Vallejo Bleached Bonewhite
Reikland Fleshshade wash 

Averland Sunset

Eshin Grey
Dawnstone Highlight

Mechanicus Grey
Nuln Oil wash
Athonian Camoshade heavy wash, then as it drying a slight wipe to remove it from the middle of the bigger scales

Weapon middle:
Mechanicus Standard Grey
Nuln Oil wash
Pick out the raised edges in the middle with Dawnstone.

All done.

Following this method I think I could do a whole 20 unit squad in one day. Its quick and dirty but has enough pop and colour to be a very striking scheme on the table top. So having figured out a quick method that I really love, I've got another 19 to do now haha, then the Start Collecting box to buy. 

Well I've rambled enough for now, fell free to leave a comment below if you like what you see, be that good bad or inbetween.


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