Wyrdstone Road: Campaign Games 2,3 & 4

Hey all, 
well we've just finished games 2,3 & 4 of our Mordheim campaign, in which (to my surprise) I won all 3 games, following failed route tests by my opponent. It went a little like this;
Game 1 was Monster Hunt as taken from (I believe) the 2002 Annual, we were facing a Baby Hydra, though we proxied it for a Griffon, as we didnt have a Hydra to use lol. Anyway the board looked like this;

I was on the table edge nearest. We deployed and made a mad scramble to the hyrda. I came at it from behind as my oppenent had got there first and was suffering it wrath, at the same time he tried to outflank me with his Vampire, which after several attempts to take out my Swordsmen failed. The hyrda munched through his zombies allowing my newly aquired Champion and a group of 5 Warriors with 2 swords each, to attack, then he failed his route test, and after 3 turns take down the hydra and claim the spoils of war! Heavy Armour, Gromril Axe, 45gc, Sword, Sheild, Helmet. I bought a youngblood and equipped him with the gear. Interstingly enough before we had started play I found a torso that I had forgotten about in a box of bits I'd been given, so I made this chap!

I'm guessing the torso is from an old knight of some sort, but I thought it a really characterful piece when all pieced together, he has since had another sword fixed to his empty hand, facing downwards, there will also be flames coming from the cup on his helmet, because...well...just because really!

The second game went down like this;

The mission we played was treasure hunt, 3 wyrdstone tokens were placed on the board, I was only able to capture one whilst my opponent nabbed 2, one held by his pesky vampire. The fight I think lasted on 4 turns, with him once again failing his route test.

The final game was a street fight, this again I won after he voluntarily routed, as he wanted to keep his 5 heroes for the treasure finding after. I once again decimated him, losing no models myself. 3 victories to me! 

Not the best battle report in the world I know, but the campaign for us is now in full swing! We just need some more players and to finish that scenery! Next I'm going to do a Warband Breakdown I think, so may have that up tomorrow! I'm at full strength with my warband, 15 models, 1 Captain ,2 Youngbloods, 2 Champions, 7 Warriors and 3 Swordsmen.

Anyway, thats all for now

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