Zebulon's House Hawkshroud

Hi all,

Its been a very long time since myself or Blackmane have posted, but that doesn't mean to say that we haven't been busy. I've been bitten by the Knight bug... so may I present my current project.... House Hawkshroud

I initially was only planning on doing one Knight for a little oomph to my various Imperial armies. But things soon changed. This is the first Knight I painted and loved every step of it

After being severely bitten by the Knight bug I purchased 2 more which I have started and am chilling away at currently

This is primarily going to be my Warden/Crusader/Preceptor. All the weapons are magnetized in every way possible. I took receipt of the Las-Impulsor last week and its had a coat of Leadbelcher and has joined the cue along with the weapons for my third Knight below on the right. The bulk has been done on these ones but the details need picking out a lot more before they're both finished.

The most impressive chunk of my house so far come in the from of the below.....

My Fiance bought me a Cerastus Archeon for my Birthday! And she even let me have it early to start prepping and building. I'm currently working away on this and the top pic is it in its currently semi assembled form. The base is just about done and the skeleton is almost there too. I just want to block out the remaining pipes before I move onto the armour plates.

Hopefully I'll have this finished within the next week or so and then I can return to my Questoris Knights. Lastly I want to add 2 Helverins to go with my Preceptor and then thats it pretty much done as a pure Knight army, clocking in at just over 2100pts

Well that's it for now, hopefully not as long a gap as last time, and as always feel free to leave a comment below whether they be good bad or inbetween and thanks for reading 


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