A Very Late Challenge Results Post

Hi all.

So this is a quick, and very late, results post for the painting challenge between myself and Zebulon. Unfortuantely a busy few weeks prevented me from doing this post sooner.

So the challenge this time was to pick a mini that we knew the other had and get them to paint that. So it could be somehting we'd had for ages and not got round to painting or something fairly new that we wanted to see done. I picked for Zebulon to do his take on Shadowsun which he got many moons ago and he challenged me to paint the Branchwych I had recently bought as part of the Sylvaneth start collecting box.

After a week of voting the results stood at 4 votes to my Branchwych and 1 vote to Zebulon's Shadowsun. So that makes my Branchwych the winner.

Thanks to everyone who looked at the post and to those who voted as well. We really appreciate it.


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