Space Wolf Battlefore

Hey all

Today i got my Spac Wolf Batlleforce. I ordered it on the day it came out and have been waiting for it to arrive and today I got my paws on it.

For those who maybe aren't aware the battleforce contaisn the following:

 20 Space Wolves (Assembled as either Blood Claws/Grey Hunters/Wolf Guard)
5 Scouts
1 Drop Pod

So using the bits from this box i'll make my other 4 squads legal again without having to reduce the nuber of models in the squads.Thsi is because all the sqauds currently have a power fist and power weapon which they were allowed in the old codex and can now only have one in the new codex. And seen as I hae no appropriate spare parts to change them i'll need to use bits from the battleforce box.

I plan on assembling 10 of my new models as Wolf Guard. As for the other 10 i'm debating whether to assemble them as another squad of Grey Hunters or assemble them as a third squad of Blood Claws. I'll probably end up assembling them as Blood Claws but we'll see.

The scout will be given the heavy bolter I think although i may give them a plasma gun. Haven't quite made my mind up about that yet.

And then the drop pod will be used for either a squad of Blood Claws to come in behind the enemy (hopefully) or for the Wolf Guard to ride in and hopefully they won't just drop to their death's.

So thats what I plan on doing with the contents of the Ballteforce. The next thing/s on my hitlist are:

Land Raider  Crusader/Redeemer -  I need something for my Characters attched to sqauds to ride in.
Razorback - A support/transport vehicle for my Long Fangs
Skyclaws - fast moving counter-attack unit or for spearheading an assult with the Blood Claws.
Colonel 'Iron Hand' Stracken
The White Dwarf in Space

So thats all for now. Pictures at some point :)


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