Weekly Blackmane Post - 1

Ok so I have deicided to try and do a weekly update on all the things i'm working on as well as other updates about more specific things.

Firstly a quick update on the Space Wolves. I finished painting my Njal model and i think its possibly one of the best if not the best model i've painted. Zebulon would possibly agree. I've also been busy painting Lukas a little bit at a time. I have also been doing the odd little bit here and there on the rest of the army although I'm not planning on doing much until i get my battleforce so i can add some new things and make al my squads legal again without having to remove a memeber of the squad.

Secondly I have been working on some scenery pieces. The first of these is an embankment that has a trench type thing in it. It will be especially useful for my guardsmen. They need all the cover saves they can get. I've also been workin on my own landing pad. When assembled it will be big enough for two valkyrie's to land on. I may have made it bigger than i ahd originally intended. So I think it will onlybe used when a really big focal point is needed. Another pice of scenery i've been working on are two towers that will be able to have various things added to the top of them to make them somewhat modular.

Other thinsg I've been working on include finishing off my friends Tyranid scenery, starting on the crashed aquillia lander given to me by said friend and painting some Lord of the rings models.

So thats it for this the first weekly update from me. With a bit of luck I should be able to start getting some pictures up now I know how to take some better pictures using the camera I have.

Thanks for reading


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