At Long Last

Hello all.

Today I managed to get some pictures taken of some of the models I've been working of and a couple of pics of ones that I decided I wanted to show. So lets get started.

First up is my Njal Stormcaller. I have to admit I'm very impressed with how he turned out. And at the time of painting was my best painted model but was out done by the following model.

And that model would be none other than Lukas the Trickster. I really went to town on the lightning claw trying to make it look as though you can see the energy in the blades and I think I did this fairly well.

Next up is a Games Day model that Zebulon got me a year or so ago. Of course I added the required Space Wolf head and Wold Tails.

Next up is a more recent model which I converted to a degree. Its a Wolf Guard on bike with thunder hammer and storm shield. Myself and Zebulon took this model along to our local GW and the guy we were talking to was very impressed with it.

Next up we have the first of my new Space Wolf Wolf Guard Terminators. The idea is that he can be used as either a Wolf Guard Battle Leader or just be part of the normal Wolf Guard Squad.


Here we have Ulrik the Slayer. Although the paint job isn't as good as the more recent models I'm still very pleased with the way the inner pelt lining turned out and its still a model I like.

Now we have the first 5 members of my power armour Wolf Guard (tThere are 5 more currently in the works and should be finished soon). For the most part the unit is equipped for close combat as apposed to shooting. Once the whole squad is done it will have a storm bolter, 2x boltguns and 2x plasma pistols (despite the tendency for these to backfire on me). The squad is intended to accompany a hq choice of some sort as protection and  then to get stuck in in assault.

Next up we have to models that are currently only undercoated.

The first is my own Rune Priest made mainly from the Wolf Pack sprue. The giant axe is taken from the Wolf Guard Terminator sprue. I decided that because it has runes engraved on the surface it would be great to represent a runic Weapon and so I made the rune Priest.

Next up we have my own Wolf Priest. I decided to make this model because of the wolf helmet on the wolf pack sprue and decided it would be good for a wold priest. The crozius is made from a chainblade with the teeth cut off and an imperial eagle from the wolf guard terminator sprue added to the top.

Well thats all for today and I hope that you liked the models. Sorry if the pictures are a bit blurred but there's only so much you can do with a webcam. Hopefulliy I'll have a few pics of the skyshield and bastion up soon, aswell as some pictures of harker and stracken both of which I started painting today.

Thanks for reading and please feel free to leave comments.


The skies darken and the clouds begin to gather. Blazing trails fall across the sky as men march to war. The thunder of guns rolls across the land and the flash of expolsions light the dark sky.

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