First of (hopefully) Many to Come

Hi all Blackmane here.

Firstly I'd like to appologise for the lack of posts. Life's been a bit busy for the last few weeks. Anyway where to begin.

Well firstly as Zebulon said in the previous post we had our first game of planetstrike over christmas (and our first battle for a while). I think I can safely say it was a game enjoyed by both of us. It was the first outing for my Space Wolves under the new codex and I have to say that i'm most impressed. The blood claws are still dangerous in close combat and the grey hunters are still very effective at providing close range fire and are not to far behind the blood claws in close combat. Though I have to say that i'm most impressed with Njal. He managed to use most of his pyshic powers and was able to stop Zebulon from using Tigurius effectively.

As Zebulon mentioned I've been writing a campaign of our very own called The Fall of Corian IV. I think we're both very much looking forward to getting our teeth (or is that fangs and claws in my case?) into it.There are still missions to write for it but all going well it should be about 15 missions long ending with an apocalypse game. Once I've got them finished and typed up I'll post them on here so that you can play the campaign yourselves if you want to or maybe just play a mission you like the sound of. Of course me and Zebulon will do our best to add some battle reports as we go along as well as some pictures. I've also ordered myslef a bastion and skyshield landing pad just for the campaign so they'll be at the top of the list to be done.

For christmas Zebulon bought me Gunnery Sergeant Harker who will have a whole mission based around him. Although I will be renaming him with a more Norse -ish name to fit in with the Tarnhelm 3rd. It should be an interesting mission. I've also still got to paint Stracken so I will probably do both more or less at the same time. Can't have the Tarnhelm without one of its leaders now can we.

And lastly I'm still working on my Space Wolves. At the minute its mainly wolf guard models, both power armour and termie armour forms, as well as some wolf scouts.

And with that and an ever growing unpainted model pile I had better grad my brushes and paints and get to it.

Thanks for reading


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