Quick Update

Hi all Blackmane here.

I've finally got the internet back so I will be able to start getting pictures up of some of the things that I've been painting while I haven't had the good old internet. Let's hope I can remember all the things I've painted and get pictures of them.

On a side note Zebulon added a Lord of the Rings section to our blog over the last couple of months as we've decided to post pictures of our LotR models. These were the models that first got us started with minature painting and I've recently got back into it again in a more substantial way after buying a copy of War of the Ring and am now building a Gondorian army. This will be the first LotR army that either of us has built that uses forces from a specific list. In the past we just used what ever forces we wanted for our armies. In my case using as many good models as I could fit into the army points limit. Often resulting in a large Gondorian and Rohirrim army with a few elves and dwarfs thrown in for good measure.

Anyway thats all for today and I'm glad to be back.


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