Fear the Skies: Dark Eldar Razorwing Jetfighter

Hi all

Today I bring a couple of pictures from my latest finished project. As you probably got from the title its my Dark Eldar Razorwing Jetfighter. Now I have to admit that its been a long time since I finished anything for my DE. I have pretty much all the models I want but just haven't got round to actually painting them. To try and fix this when I moved back down to Sheffield for my placement as part of University I only brought my DE with me thus forcing me to paint them as I hate gaming with unpainted models. And while progress has been slow it is progress none the less haha. 

So with that lets look at the finished model. 

I'm really happy with how the model has turned out. Doing all the edges took some time and patience but it was worth it. I kept everything fairly simple only adding the Kabal's symbol to the big fin down the centre. I had been tempted to do some work on the blank area's of the wings and after trying it on one side I decided I didn't like it and preferred it left blank. The dark lances on the wing mounts are magnetised and can be switched out for the disintegrators. The splinter cannon/splinter rifle mount at the front isn't magnetised but I can switch the weapons over if I want to. The only things left to do on the model are to add some dead grass to the base and I may glue the canopy in place as I'm tired of it coming off and me loosing it. 

Well that's it for this post. As always thanks for taking the time to have a look and please feel free to leave any comments, be they good or bad or somewhere in between.


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