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Hey all,
It's been a while since I really posted anything, so I thought I'd put up what I've been buying recently from eBay. Not really exciting admittedly, however it is an exceptionally good place for savings, given the annually increasing price from GW!

I wanted a Land Raider for my increasing Chaos army (more about that in a future post) and as we know a normal Godhammer Land Raider is £45 from the Games Workshop and slightly cheaper from Independent Stockists (both physical and online). So it thought I'd give eBay a try! Low and hold, I found the little beauty for £26.50 inc postage. Its not all there but with the amount spare cupolas i have, I thought it a bargain! Its currently being turned to Chaos as we speak, and is almost ready to be undercoated. the only thing reall wrong with it was the left hand sponson was missing its Lascannons. So I bought the Terminus Ultra kit and have rigged it to be a LC variant design. Looks rather cool! (I'll keep mentioning bits I've changed and stuff throughout this post, but everything can and will be seen in a new series of posts I'm going to do called "A Tale of Two Land Raiders") .

Myself and Blackmane have decided to build a joint army of Imperial Fists (again, there will be posts on this) at about 2000pts. We've divided up what we want to run and it was my job to get a Vindicator and a Land Raider. So after the victory of the above Chaos Raider, I went back to eBay and found this Vindicator!

Sprayed mostly black and gold it should be easy to paint up into 'Fists colours when it arrives! At £17.50 inc postage, that's half the price of one from GW (£35 usually). Too tempting not to resist! The idea of the 'Fists army is a slow burn project, if we see suitable models, when get them if we can, no time scale, no priorities. So then this (below) popped up at £15.50 ic postage, I couldn't press buy fast enough!

Another Godhammer Land Raider, will take a little work to get it to where I need it. No real damage to the actual tank, tho the sponsons arent any good really as all the pegs bar one have snapped off, good thing its going to become a Crusader/Redeemer then eh? Just need to buy the upgrade kit, an Bob's your Uncle, a complete Landraider for £27 ish. (I'd like to point out the irony that my Chaos Land Raider was formerly a Dark Angles Raider, and my soon to be Imperial Fists Raider was previously being used as a Chaos Raider! But too late to change it now!)

Last and by no means least we have this chappy

He wasn't originally part of our list, but I am some what of a dreadnought fan (I have 8 now!) I couldn't pass him up for £17.50 inc postage. From Forge World the body alone was £25 not inc postage, the twin heavy bolters, though mk V on a mk IV body are £8 not inc postage. I just couldn't pass it up! A little work and he'll be an Imperial Fist in no time!

The thing I've been doing is on a night, looking at buy-it-nows and searching for the newly listed, sich a great way to get good mini's cheaply! Total new, £150 ish, I spent £87ish. Still a fair chunk, but worth it!

Whilst I'm praising the merits of buying second hand on ebay, there are benefits to buying new kits too, for a start you get all the options, which is why myself and Blackmane are purchasing new tac Squads, Scouts etc etc. We all so need to buy new to support our FLGS and the GW itself, who without us would be no more! So its a bit of give and take! eBay is really good for cheap minis, but it pays to buy new also!

Well I'm going to stop waffling now, if you have any comments, criticisms or anything else, please feel free to leave a message below, whether it be good bad or other! More to come! 


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