Pursuit of Perfection: Emperor's Children Captain WIP 2

Hi all

Today I bring the 2nd WIP post on my Emperor's Children Captain. I haven't got a lot more done on him however I think he's really starting to look the part now so I thought I'd share the progress I've made. 

 As you can see half the grip and the pommel on his sword hilt have gone. Where it's gone I have no idea and actually didn't know it had been damaged until I came to take this picture. I can only assume it broke off when he got dropped a couple of days ago though how I didn't notice at the time is a mystery. I will have to find something to replace it. 

I'm really happy with how the gold is looking. It is based on a variation to my standard way of painting gold in order to try and get it brighter. My usually dark shade that I use most of the time wouldn't have looked right on the Emperors Children. It is somewhat similar to the way I did the gold on my recent Dark Angels Captain. The only difference is that on the Dark Angels Captain I washed the gold area's with yellow at this stage followed by a light wash with ogryn flesh which gave the gold a more orange/yellow colour to it. While I liked the end result I didn't feel it was right for the Emperor's Children so stopped.  The other main thing that I have managed to get done is to highlight the cloak. I haven't gone too light with it and left it fairly simple. I may yet add some pattern to the inner lining but I'll see how I feel. 

I'm hoping that I'll get to work on him some more this weekend and with the intention of finishing him off completely. I still haven't decided how I want to base my army yet so for the time been he will stay on an unpainted base and that will be the only part left unfinished. Also as I'm sure you've noted he has no backpack. I will probably get hold of an appropriate backpack off ebay to match the mark of his armour.

Well that's it for this post. As always thanks for taking the time to have a look and please feel free to leave any comments, be they good, bad or somewhere in between.


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