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Ultramarine Tartaros Terminators

Hi all,
this week my project whilst being away from work is to make a good progress on my Tartaros Terminators, I've washed them, cleaned them up, assembled them and built bases for them. These are a little different from my normal basing as I got them primarily to use with Space Hulk, my friend Pete bought a copy, but alas without any of the models. So here goes;

Obviously these are all WIP shots and there will be a better post with more detail when theyre finished! As I said above, these guys are on some Space Hulk themed bases that I made. This is my first attempt at this sort of base so they're a little rough around the edges

They're made from 3mm plasticard and 0.5 mm plasticard, 2mm strimmer wire and a few brass bits from the original GW basing kit that Blackmane bought me a few years ago. Really pleased with these, but like I said they're a little rough at the min and could do with so sandpapering to neated up the edges. 

It turned into a bit of a Terminator week (turns out I have close to 35 of them, not including characters!) as I finally got around to looking at my Iron Lord Termys, they are being repurposed for the Ultramarines. I Stripped of the Green Stuff robes I made for the Sergeant and they're going to be painted at the same time as the Tartaros Squad. 

Looks like its going to be a busy few days!

Well thats all for today, if you have a comment whether it be good. bad or inbetween. please feel free to leave it below!



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