Scrap Iron Hands: Iron Captain WIP

Hey all, here's an update on my scrap Iron Hands Project, which you can see the introduction to here. The first thing I decided to work with on my project was the Iron Captain for my force (start at the top and work down eh?) I'm still on the look out for other bits to flesh out my force, but doing so as cheaply as possible, I've procured an incomplete techmarine who is going to be my 2nd Tac Squad sergeant :

As well as another joblot for £4 that has various bits and pieces, also bits for 4 heavy weapon, 2 Heavy Bolter, 1 Plasma Cannon and a Lascannon too. Though they are from the new plastic kit, they are incomplete, meaning I'm going to have to convert some backpacks and bits, which is fine because Iron Hands love their tech and I'm sure the Mechanicus don't mind them testing new STC variants ;) and also I get to make them look really cool! But I digress.....

Having decided to use the incomplete Terminator Captain as my Iron Captain, I was looking for suitable bits to deck out both his arms as both the original sword and storm bolter are missing. I quickly settled on lightning claws, as who doesn't love re-rolls and I always imagine Iron Hands to be very combat based, more brutal and visceral than other legions/chapters. Not so much to the World Eaters extent, but in a show of strength, flawed man/xenos vs perfect machine.

After stripping him down the first thing I did was to fit his lightning claws to see how they looked, which with a bit of trimming on his left arm, balanced out nicely. I then took the basic design cues from other Iron Hand models and started to add cog designs. I love how his shoulder pads have turned out, even though they are both on slightly different scales, it adds presence to him. 

I then filled in any gaps with a little green stuff and decided to sculpt a simple cog motif on his left hand, the right one is already decorated, and I'm not good a sculpting on a small scale haha.

I've also added another cable on the back so all the cable are connected and a little servo skull to his armour. he's now ready for a good coat of paint! I haven't yet decided which clan they will be from or created any back story yet, but that is in the pipeline!

Well, that's it for today, so as always, if you have any comments, whether they be good, bad or inbetween, please feel free to comment below 


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