Scrap Iron Hands: Zebulon's Latest Muse

Hey all, Zebulon here once again after a lengthy hiatus with a brief post of my latest plan and project! As you can guess from the title, this is about my latest Iron Hands project. I've started to build a small Horus Heresy force and instead of sticking with the Ultramarines 30k counterparts, I decided I'd go with the Iron Hands. Firstly I've always had a soft spot for the Iron Hands and their love of technology, seeing the releases from Forge World drew me in very quickly, I absolutely love their Gorgon Terminators and Iron Father, not to mention the brilliant Ferrus Manus. Secondly, Blackmane has opted for Emperors Children in the Heresy. Since he is my most long time opponent, it makes sense for me to get their bitter rivals too! It's only a fledgling force as you can see below

An Iron Father, 2012 GD Boarding Marine and 5 MK.III Maines with the Iron Hand upgrade torsos> So I set about getting ready to paint them, I figured out how I was going to paint and decided to do a rough test mini using the techniques I thought would give me my desired results.

Both minis have been painted it the exact same way, just the Tac Marine on the right has had rough lenses and bolter colouring put on him and a decent dry brush to pick out the highlights. For a quick 10min job, I was rather pleased with the end result (the Heresy Army will have far far more time put in them that 10min per model haha). My mind began to wander, thinking that I could do an allied force with a couple of bits here and there for 40K, the rumours of the 1+ Save for Iron Hands had just made its way onto the tubes and I decided to have a look to see what I had. Rather than going out and buying all new kits, which, lets face it, is quite expensive, I had the idea of using the 'scrap' marines that I have accumulated over the years. I'm an ebay addict and have bought numerous cheap job lots over the years, generally no more than £10 ($15) each, for other characters, for example I got a job lot with Pedro Kantor in metal for about £6, also in there were 5 metal Space Wolves including a sergeant that Blackmane wanted, 3 RT era assault marines, 3 Space Crusade lascannon turrets and a load of other stuff, including 2 starter set Marines and an Assault Marine. Another included the standard bearer ogre  loads of other bits and a couple of starter marines. You can see the pattern here I'm sure.

The clincher came when I won a bag of incomplete metal miniatures for £8 including a Terminator Captain, 2 Apothecaries and a Techmarine (everything but a Standard Bearer)

I dug though the rest of my bits and pieces to see what I could find, to see if I could get a good handle on the idea and so far I have;

1x Terminator Captain
1x Apothecary
1x Techmarine
1x Techmarine w/ Full Servo Harness

1x Tac Marine Squad x10 Lascannon and Melta Gun
1x Tac Marine Squad x6 (Currently missing heavy and special weapons and 2 Bolter Marines)

1x Assault Squad x5 (Currently missing 2 Jump Packs and 2 Chainswords and Bolt Pistols)

1x Rhino

With the exception of the Rhino and Techmarine in full servo harness, everything else has been accumulated through various job lots and bits bags. I'm aiming for a Demi Company now, which shouldn't be too difficult given what I have already. I also feel rather liberated by doing Iron Hands finally, it given me a sense of freedom to try things and do a force that I can really make my own.

This is current and ongoing project. I have always had a lot of things on the go, but I have listened to the advice of Blackmane and doing maybe 1-2 projects at a time to be able to really focus and, hopefully, actually get some things finished!

Well, that's it for today, so as always, if you have any comments, whether they be good, bad or inbetween, please feel free to comment below 


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