The White Hand Army: Sharku

Hey all,
so as is traditional between Blackmane and myself for Birthdays and Christmas, we get each other gaming stuff, be that models or supplies. Well this Christmas just gone Blackmane surprised me with Sharku!
I had been after Sharku for my ever increasing White Hand Army. Being oop he tends to be incredibly hard to find on foot and when he does appear on sites like eBay he tends to go for silly amounts of money. However somehow Blackmane has managed to find me both the foot and mounted version of him and do a splendid paint job on them both;

Blackmane, as always, has done a brilliant job on him, the pictures don't quite do him justice!

I love how he looks, particularly the leather grieves and bone. I can wait to field him leading my 20 or so other wargs! Here's hoping he doesn't fall off a cliff next time he meets Aragorn! If you'd like to see more of our White Hand posts the collection of them can be seen be clicking here. Well that's all for now, feel free to leave a comment below be that good bad or inbetween!


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