Tau Ghostkeel WIP

Hey all, today I bring an update on my Ghostkeel suit I got for Christmas from my niece. I'm rotating through my projects trying to give them equal amounts of time. As kits go this is a very nicely put together, again it shows the massive advantages of digital sculpting!

 I made the base from some random scenery bitz I got in a joblot, it adds a bit more dynamism to the pose, I got the idea from the Shadowsun art in the codex.

The scenery also helps in projecting a scene as it seem like it's protecting the pathfinders below. They themselves came about as it seemed like there would be a lot of empty space between the Ghostkeel legs after it had been posed.

They will be part of the base rather than on their own. The plan is to also give them camouflage cloaks, like they're a deep recon team that has meat up with the Ghostkeel. The plan also is for a tattered Imperial banner hanging off the Eagles on the post. The weapons are magnetised and the cockpit fully opens. Can't wait to get on painting it! 

That's all for now, if you like what you see then feel free to leave a comment below, whether it be good bad or in between! 


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