Terminator Librarian WIP

Hi all.

Today I bring some WIP pictures of the Terminator Librarian that I've been working on and off of for the past few weeks. Essentially a model to paint between main projects. 

So on with the pictures.

More after the jump. 

I'm really enjoying painting the model. I've been painting it as part of an Imperial Fist army myself and Zebulon have been working on for quite some time.I'm really happy with how the detail on his force staff has turned out with the dark metal case and the pale gold glyphs. I picked him up second hand so he's missing his banner and his left hand wasn't the original. I removed it and replaced it with a storm bolter. Now I'm primarily a Space Wolf player and so primarily have spare Space Wolf parts. As a result my Terminator Librarian is carrying a Space Wolf storm bolter. In the characters background I've decided he fought with the Wolves and was gifted this as thankyou for helping to save a Rune Priest form a Chaos Space Marine ambush during which his own storm bolter was destroyed. 

Well that's all for today. Thanks for having a read.


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