Finished Praetor Tribune Challenge

Hi all.

Today our Praetor Tribune challenge has ended and here we bring you the post with the finished models. Zebulon has painted his Tribune as an Iron Hand and I have painted mine as one of the Emperor's Children. 

So on with the pictures.

More after the jump.

So there areour entires for our contest. I'm sure I speak for myself and Zebulon when I say we are both happy with how our respective models have turned out. Painting up my Emperor's Children Praetor has certainly made me want to paint more of my Emperor's Children and I know Zebulon wanst to crack on with his Iron Hands. 

And with that the polls are now open and they'll close a week from now. It's located on the top right of the page. Please vote for the model that you prefer. 


Blackmane and Zebulon

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