Tau Air Support: Zebulon's Birthday Present


So today I have a couple of new models to show off, as the title suggests they are reinforcements for my Tau force to compliment my Barracuda. It was my 30th last week and Blackmane presented me with these two! It's an annual tradition between myself and Blackmane that 99% of the time we give each other painted models for presents. Its great on many levels as a painted model for a gift shows time and dedication and thought put in to what your giving as well as the gift itself, it also gives us something a little different to tackle too!

This year I was given these two rather splendid models, firstly this Sunshark Bomber:

Secondly we have a Razorshark Fighter

The drones are all detachable and I cant wait to field them with my Barracuda and squeeze all 3 of them into a game!

Tau air superiority! haha!


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