Firestorm Armada Comes to Sign of the Aquila

Hi all.

It's been a while since I managed to get anything posted but today I'm back and I'm bringing some new stuff to show. Towards the end of last year I decided I wanted to get into Spartan Games' Firestorm Armada. As some people may already know I already have some of their Dystopian Wars stuff in the form of Covenant of Antartica and Kingdom of Britannia, so I had a good idea of what the game would play like (the game mechanics and the way stuff works are indeed very alike in case anyone wondered). After some difficulty I managed to pick up the Return of the Overseers boxset that contained Aquan and Directorate fleets. I'm lucky in that my girlfriend said she was willing to give it a try (no games played at time of writing) and liked the Directorate ships and I liked the Aquans.

So for the last few months I have been painting up the contents of the box as the only condition my girlfriend placed on it was that she wouldn't play with unpainted models. I can't really argue with that as I prefer playing with painted stuff as well. I had thought of doing WIP posts as I went along but decided just to show stuff in a few posts once it was all done (so expect a couple more after this one). 

First up we'll start with the smallest ships in the two fleets. The Chimera Class Frigates for the Aquans and the Liquidator Class Frigates for the Directorate. Let's get on with some pictures.

 Aquan Chimera's
Directorate Liquidator's
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I'm really happy with how they've turned out. I wanted to try and keep the colour scheme's quick and easy to do so as to speed up painting. I managed that with the Directorate but not so much with the Aquans. The Directorate were first based with Macragge Blue which was then washed all over with Nuln Oil. The green was build up with two greens layered on top of each other. Fairly sure I started with a layer of the old Dark Angels Green. This was then followed by a layer of I think Warpstone Glow. I'll have to have a look in my painting book and hope I wrote it down (I can't recommend strongly enough how much of a good idea it is to write down your paint schemes as evidenced by my lack of ability to recall how I painted it haha). The metal area's (what little there is on these) was just based with Leadbelcher and washed with Nuln Oil. I didn't want the metal to be bright and so didn't add any highlights. 

The Aquans were a little bit more involved than I had originally planned. Originally I started with Steggadon Scale Green and then washed it with Coelia Greenshade. I then layed Temple Guard blue over it. At this stage I found the Temple guard blue needed so many thin coats to build the colour up that it was going to take me ages to do. So I went back and started again. This time round I used my airbrush to apply the Stegadon Scale Green and then the Temple Guard Blue over it (I had used my airbrush for the Stegadon Scale Green anyway). This allowed me to build the colour much quicker and much smoother. After this was done the really time consuming part started. I washed Coelia Greenshade into all the recesses while trying not to get too much on the Temple Guard Blue. I then neatend up any mistakes (none of us is perfect haha) with Templed Guard Blue before moving on to highlighting with Baharroth Blue. This really did take me agaes to do though I think the end result is good enough to justify the time taken. Any crystals (calling them crystals because they look like crystals of some kind) were worked up from Mephiston Red, through Evil Sunz Scarlet and Troll Slayer Orange to Fire Dragon Bright. A touch of Flash Gitz Yellow and then White Scar was then used on the very tips of the crystals just to finish them off. The tentacles (again they look like tentacles so that's what I'll go with) were based with Xereus Purple. I then watered down some Screamer Pink and coated the tenatcles with it from about half way down and going towards the back of the ship. I then washed the whole of the tentacles with Druchii Violet. I then highlighted the Xerus Purple with Genestealer Purple taking the highlight just over onto the Screamer Pink by a couple of ridges/bumps. I hoped this would help tie the colours together. I then highlighted the Screamer Pink with Pink Horror. And there we go, completed Aquans.

So that's the first post on my entry into Firestorm Armada. Next time I'll go on to the Gunships and/or Cruisers but hopefully without the wall of text on how I painted them.

Thats the end of todays post. Thanks for taking the time to have a read, it's much appreciated.


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