40k Scenery: Tractor

Hi all,

I'm back again today with a complete random tangent of a project! Total time spent on this was at most 2 hours. I had a toy tractor sat on my desk for ages and couple of weeks ago everything seemed to click......

First I removed a cab and raided my bits box. I dug put a random resin barrel and some arched off cuts from my Ttcombat power generator and some spare piping, using them to both hide tjat it was a tractor and to bring it slightly into the grimdark.

After giving its quick black spray undercoat I painted it Vallejo Royal Purple and Boltgun Metal for the open metal areas. As this is a civilian vehicle i decided on a bright colour to set it a part a little. After a liberal application of more Boltgun Metal for chips, scratches and general wear I started to weather and rust it.

I followed the standard technique of Typhus Corrosion and Ryza Rust and then went of the sharpest edges in Mithril Silver to hope it pop. The result is the below.......

This is easily one of my favourite scenery pieces! Very quick, very simple but I think it looks the part!

Well that all for today, as always comments and criticisms are always welcome!


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