For Dorn! For The Emperor! 2: Imperial Fists Cataphractii Terminator Captain

Hi all.

To round out the working week I bring the second of the two models I said I had been working on in my post on Monday. In this case it's an Imperial Fists Cataphractii Terminator Captain. Again this is a model from the Betrayal and Calth box and I picke dit up on ebay at the same time as the Chaplain. 

On with some pictures. 

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Overall I 'm really happy with how it tutned out. I started working on him after I had finished the Chaplain. However not learning from my lesson I started the cloak first again. While it hadn't been too bad working round it on the Chaplain it was much more difficult on this model. The inside of the cloak is much more visable and as a result so is the back of the legs so I couldn't ignore these parts as much as I did on the Chaplain. I deciced to go for a darker colour inside the cloak on this model rather than doing it cream like the Chaplain. The reason for this is that the armour of the model is quite bright anyway and in my mind the cloak interior needed to be dark to make the armour really stand out in front of it. The outside of the cloak though I chose to do in a nice purple which I felt would work really nicely with the yellow armour. As with the Chaplain I'm really happy with it. I took the unusual step of shading the purple with orange but I think it worked well. Also unusually for me I tried adding some weathing to certain parts of the model. I added a few chips to the armour and tried to make the leather pteruges look like the had some wear and tear as would befit an ancient suit of terminator armour. 

Well that's all for today. Thanks for taking the time to have a look and please feel free to leave any comments be the good, bad or somewhere in between.


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