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Slann Starmaster Reshoot

Hi all,

Im here again with another post, this time it's not something really new however it is one of my favourite models I've ever painted. I was never really happy with the pics I took to show it off, so now I've invested in better equipment I thought I'd give it another go..... so on with the pics!

 Admitteddly he's still not totally finished as he needs a good old basing, but he will get that soon!

I love the sandstone effect on the throne as it contrasts really nicely with the grey skin and warms it up as a model, giving it a nice tropical feel.

I really love how the whole model turned out and it has formed the basis for the rest of my Lizardman/Seraphon army. 

I've played a few games with them since I built them but they've recently not had a lot of love. I have however bought some more units to go with them and over the coming weeks I intend to build and assemble them all and hopefully paint quite a few too!

Well thats all for now, as always please feel free to leave a comment below whether they be good bad or inbetween and thanks for reading!



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Scenery: Imperial Sector Buildings WIP

Hi all

Its been a while since anything new was posted on SotA which I think has been due to both myself and Zebulon having a little break from doing anything major. I've been tinkering with a few bits and pieces for the last few weeks and now find myself ready to get back into the swing of things.

So first up are the buildings from the Imperial Sector box. I was lucky enough to find this box in my local store at the old price of about £52 rather than the new £70 price. I hadn't intended to buy it but I knew I'd regret not buying it. It took me a couple of weeks to assemble the buildings which was slow by my standards (due to the decreased nature of hobby activities).

So lets get on with the pictures.

40k Abandoned Factory Display

Hello all,

I'm back again today with my next display project. Next?! You say? Well yes. I really enjoyed making my last small backdrop so much, I've elected to make a bigger one. This will be for photography of larger models and squads and for table top play as well. I'm doing the centre section first, the interior then the exterior and then the addition of two ruined pieces for the ends. This should be enough to tide me over until 8th ed rolls along.

Finished 40k Photography Backdrop

Hello all, 
I'm back again with my finished 40k backdrop. I'm very very pleased with how it all came out!