A Tau-riffic year!

Happy New Year all!

It was a pretty quiet month from myself and Blackmane hobby wise because of work and Christmas and the like. Though I did manage to squeeze in a 2000pt game just before. I dusted off my Tau and filled the field with them, but this time the Greater Good was turned back by some tenacious Grey Knights.

I love my Tau, I love the aesthetic and the way they are totally opposite the grim dark of the Imperium. Over the last few years Blackmane has done me some excellent models to go with my force but they don't see the field as much as I'd like.

So this year I've decided to concentrate my effort on playing and actually fully finishing my army (with maybe a couple of new additions on the way). I'm not saying that I'm leaving my various marines to gather dust (a certain blue primarch Xmas present has made sure that won't happen) but expect plenty of progress from the Greater Good and a slue of updates.

With the timeline movement of 8th edition, I've come up with some interesting fluff for my force.

My Tau are from the Dal'yth sept. During the Fourth Sphere of Expansion a colony fleet was lost in a warp storm on the way to the planet of Pakara (Yyl'cho in Tau). They have reemerged 100 years behind schedule and have aggressively set to work securing Pakara and its planetary system. There supplies are limited and some technology is slightly dated compared to the rest of the Tau Empire ( this explains my mixture of older and newer looking battle suits) however a steady stream of current tech is on the way from the rest of the Empire.


Here's a link to more about the Dal'yth sept if you'd like to know more

Lastly for this post listed all the models I've yet to tackle and hope keep up a steady momentum working on them:

To Finish - P = Paint, B = Build, S = Scratchbuild

Strike Team 12 x 3 P
Breachers 10x 1 B,P
Pathfinders 12 B,P
Hammerheads/Devilfish x3 P
Skyray x 1 P
Mk.1 XV8 x6 P
Ghostkeel x1 P
Riptide x 1 P
XV25 Stealth x 3 P
Ethereal x 2 P
Shadowsun P
Piranha x1 P
Fireblade x 1 P
Drones x I've lost count!
Mk.1 XV88 x2 B, P
Commander XV86 Coldstar P
Ltd Ed. Firewarrior B, P

Sensor Towers - SB, P
Terrain Bunkers- SB, P


Barracuda x1
Sunshark x1
Razorshark x1
Striketeam 12 x 1
Mk.2 XV8 x 3
Ethereal on hover drone x1

Blackmane has given me a great start on this army already and I intend to do it justice! I'm well under way to finishing off my Riptide and crossing off my list already.

Well that's it for now, wish me luck!


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