Ultramarine Contemptor & Tau Barricuda

Hey all,
today I bring a quick update on a coupleof things, firstly is my Ultra Venerable Contemptor which I finished a couple of weeks ago but haven't posted. On with the pics...

 Very pleased with how this came out! The keen eyed of you will notice that its missing the barrel and support of the assault cannon. Whilst it was in bits the pack that had the arm in (which was open) got dropped and it vanished! have been looking for a suitable replacement, but as yet have to find one. But it will do for now!

This is also the first time I've tried using weathering powders. I used Humbrol Black Soot on the exhaust pipes and used my own home made powders to create the mud on the legs. I bought a brown to black pack of pastels and crushed them up. They work just was well and you can cake on the layers really easily! As you may notice as,well he is stood on a Hive Tyrant head. This is because its all part of a bigger diorama that I'm making and will post pics when it moves a bit further along!

Secondly I bring pics of Blackmane's rather opulent Christmas present for me. I nice Barracuda! Though currently I don't own the rules for it, I will have them soon and it's going to be fielded in my tau almost every game, I mean who doesn't like the idea of a flying Ion Cannon?!?! haha. Equipped with said Ion Cannon, two Burst Cannons and 2 Seeker Missiles that drop down from below. I love it! Also this is the new colour scheme my Tau will be branded in. Though I'm not sure on the basing. Cityscape again or something else...hmm....

Love the fact that this model come with an ejectable pilot and canopy and its the first Air Caste I own too!

Well thats all for now,

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