Update on my Space Wolves

So I've been working on my Space Wolves for the las few weeks. They're looking good so far. The Only 'major' thing that has to be done is to swap out the extra power weapons/fists in my squads as they can now only have one of them.

Also after looking through the new codex I found a bit in the model showcase that shows the great company markings and what colour backgrounds they are mounted on. When I first started the army a few years back I decided I wanted my army to be led by the Great Wolf himself, Logan Grimnar. So all my squads have his personal symbol on them on top of a yellow background as I assumed that this was the colour Space Wolves used as the background colour to the Great Company sysmbols and all the pictures in the old codex did aswell. However after reading the new codex it turns out I assumed wrong. The yellow is used by Ragnar Blackmane and Logan's company should have black backgrounds with Russ' personal sysmbol on because when a wolf lord becomes great wolf, himself and his great company take up the badge of Russ, the 'Wolf That Stalks Between Stars'.

So all my men and tanks need the yellow painting over and Russ' sysmbol addding to them instead of the symbol Logan used to use. A bit of a pain but I may aswell correct it. However instead of using a black background I will keep the symbol black and use the grey-blue colour of the armour as the background colour. This is for two reasons. 1, I can't paint Russ' symbol freehand as I have done with Logan's old sysmbol and 2, the transfer i'm going to use is black so it would require me to apply it, paint it grey, paint round it black and then paint over the grey with white. A bit of a long process if you ask me. So i'll keep it simple instead.

Overall thought things are progressing nicely I think. I have ordered the new battleforce which means i will gain another 20 more Space Wolves in power armour, 5 scouts and a drop pod. This will give me lots of bits to add to some of the older models and of course to make the scouts wolfy.

I'm also painting Njal Stormcaller and Lukas the Trickster. I've almost finsihed Njal and have only undercoated Lukas. Unfortunatly I've been busy since I got them which is why they're not finished yet. I've also been side tracked by some scenery projects that I started for no real reason other than because I felt like it lol. So lots of pictures should be up over the next few weeks as models get finished.


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