Blackmane Post 4

Ok. I've missed another week so it won't be a weekly post anymore for the time been. It will just be as and when I can add a post about what kind of thinsg i've been up too.

So lets get down to what i've been up too since my last post.

Firstly i've managed to get the last 5 of my wolf guard in power armour assembled. They have also all had their armour basecoated, shaded and had the first highlight applied. It was at this point that I decided to paint them in groups of 5 because highlight the armour was getting a little dull to be fair. So i added the final highlight to 5 of the models and carried on from there. As of today they need a few final bits doing. Then its back to the other 5.

I also managed to get my scouts assembled and undercoated in black.

Also over the past week I bought myself a razorback the my Long Fangs will ride around in and which will provide support fire for them. I also bought a box of the new Space Wolf Terminators. These to have been assembled and undercoated black.

Colonel 'Iron Hand' Stracken was based with GW modling sand and then basecoated black.

Since the last post I also managed to get my crashed aquila lander painted. About time i hear you say and yes your're correct, it was about time I got that done.

So thats what i've been up to since the last post painting wise.

On a side note I took some of my better painted models into my local GW with me and they were quite impressed. They were most impressed with a Lord of the Rings model I have painted. And although this is technically a 40k site I may start adding in the odd picture of the Lord of the Rings models i'm working on. This is mainly because I use these models as a way to break up painting 40k models and as a way of trying out new things that then help me improve the look of the 40k models. I know Zebulon won't mind this as he to is thinking of using our Lord of the Rings models as a way of breaking up painting the same kind of thing and no doubt he'll add some pictures up too.

Also while at the store we got to have a look at the Trygon sprue. all i have to say is WOW!!

Anyway thats all for this post. Thanks for reading


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