Iron Lords Chapter Master

Well then, it's been rather a long time coming this, but around work and ordering the bits ive found time to build me a chapter master/master of the forge! :D

                                                         Hoban Lakorr (Click to Enlarge)

Possibly my favourite mini iv'e done so far, to me he oozes character, a powerful yet cautious stance, glowing blue power sword and a servo harness, to me he is my chapter master. Also its one of my better paint jobs, especially on the red armour, the gold and brass need work and small highlighting is a skill I need to perfect yet but im getting their. I will be posting some better quality pics soon, but at the minuet I just enjoy looking at him on my shelf above my laptop. A very simple model to make, a Grey Knight in termy armour and a servo harness from the direct sales Techmarine. altered the servo-harness arms to accommodate the bigger frame.
Now, because he's not your standard master of the forge or chaptermaster, I had to come up with a back story as the why my chapter would have a Grey Knight terminator suit with a servo-harness, and I came up with this:

"The suite was a prototype for the Grey Knights, developed by the Adeptus Mechanicus, as a way for the Grey Knights to be able to repair their vehicles in the heat of battle, allowing maximum armour and the most productivity. However, the Grey Knights thought the suite too cumbersome, and it was respectfully declined. The suit then sat in one of the many great vaults on Mars for millennia, until the newly formed Iron Lords chapter helped fend Hive Fleet Kraken off of  a Forge World in the Grendl Stars. The Mechanicus was so great full for the assistance of the Chapter Master and his force, that they offered him a gift from their vault. And low, he chose the suite. As a successor chapter to the Iron Hands, he instantly saw it's beauty and because of the natural link the Iron Lords have to machines, it's movement flowed in perfection, not cumbersome at all in the right hands...."

Also, I have a diorama to make for my local GW store, Ive gone for a Tyrannic War veteran (minus Ultramarine symblos) Vs a charging Tyranid Hive Guard, will post some pics of that soon too.
Anyway thats all for now. I shall update soon!


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