Weekly Blackmane Post - 3

So I may have missed a week or two, thats all down to a computer problem.

Anyway on with an update.

So since my last post I have managed to finish my Lukas the Trickster model. I have to admit I may have out done myself again and I didn't think I could do better than I did on Njal.

I also started to assemble my squad of wolf guard in power armour. I managed to get 5 of them assembled so I just have the other 5 to assemble now. And inbetween waiting for glue to dry, I converted a wolf guard riding a bike armed with a thunder hammer and storm shield. Pics will be up as soon as I get the things I need to do that back up and running.

Also this week I finished my drop pod. Now its ready to get the Sons of Russ right into the thick of it.

I also got Colonel 'Iron Hand' Stracken this past week. Looking forward to painting him.

And last on the things i've been up to is painting my crashed aquila lander that a friend gave to me and about time I got round to painting it.

As a side not I also started writing the missions for a campaign i've been planning for me and Zebulon to play. I'll probably post the missions on here for you all to have a look at and play if you want to.

Well thats all for this weeks update. Till next time.


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