Round Up


First up my Space Wolves. I have bought myself a techmarine to turn into an Iron Priest. So far I've changed the power axe into a thunder hammer and added a small wold pelt to the front of the tech marine. I've done a couple of othe rlittle pieces to him and more will be doe over the next few days.
I've also been working on the other 5 members of my wolf guard in power armour pack. They're now almost finished and just require a few finishing details like the gems that need doing and a few other minor details.

I still have the rest of my wolf guard in terminater armour to do yet. They are undercoated black and are just waiting to be done so hopefully I can get those at least halfway done by next week. I also want to try and get my scouts done as they're a unit that I want to try out.  I also want to undercoat my land raider crusader/redeemer as I want to use it to hammer my way through in missions delivering blood claws right into the enemy.

My Imperial Guard have not had much done with the recently. I have started and almost finished Stracken and Harker. Stracken now just needs a command squad and harker needs a veteran squad. I have enough models to make Stracken's command squad but I'm going to have to get some more models if I want to use Harker. I'm thinking about getting a cadian and catatchan command squad and using the bits from both kits to make the verterans. Thats all for he Imperial Guard.
I'm looking forward to the upcoming Battle Missions book. More so to see what models come out with the release. I'm still hoping for some nice new models of Grimnar, Ulrik, and Blackmane though it looks doubtful. I was also hoping for some plastic storm troopers. However it looks like that there will just be updated chimera and basilisk kits that have the newer chimera chassis seen on the hellhound kit and again have the tank accessory sprue removed and the cost increased which will be a bit disapointing. However Zebulon is very much looking forward to the plastic venerable dreadnought that is rumoured to be coming out. It will take his dreadnought count to 6 or 7 i believe

Thats all for today and thankyou for reading. Please feel free to leave your comments and opinions.


The rumble of guns grows ever louder and the sound of the dieing fills the streets. The earth shakes with every impact and laser and bolt fly through the air like flys. Death is a constant companion.

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