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Hi all Blackmane here.

Today I come with an update on what I've been up too. The main thing I've been doing is stripping all of my old Lord of the Rings characters. This is for two reasons. Firstly since working on my Gondorian army I've decided that the characters leading it have to be painted better than the standard troops and this leads to the 2nd reason. With the exception of the odd model they are all badly painted by current standards. They may have been good when I did them but they are now some of the worst in my collection so I decided it was time for some updating. I now have 52 more modles to paint. Some of them i have multiple versions of. For example I have 3 versions of Boromir to paint as well as versions of characters both on foot and mounted.

On top of these models I also have some other Lord of the Rings models to finish off like my Fountain Court Guard and my Dead Banner Bearer.  And coming soon will be another 20 Warriors of the Dead so I can field a full Court of the Dead King.

For my Space Wolves I have some thralls to finish, 3 of my custom masters of the chapter/wolf guard and some wolves. Then there's the matter of bringing my old space wolf models up to a more accpetable standard so that they match my new models better.

And if that wasn't enough I also have 5 ratlings to paint and a vanquisher which I pre-ordered for my Tarnhelm 3rd.

Its a good thing I enjoy painting because I have a lot of it to do.

So with that I think I will round up my brushes, get my paint out and make a start on the model mountain. Hopefully I'll post pictures as I go.

Thanks for reading,


As of about 6 o'clock the 5 wolves were finished. 5 down, lots to go!

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