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The Tau Elite

Well hello friends and casual browsers, as per usual it's been a long time since I've updated the blog with anything of mine, but I now present to you the commanders of my up and coming Tau army.

First up is my Ethereal Aun' T'Salar, with his Honour blade.

He was a challenging character to paint, mainly because I have amazing difficulty painting creamy robes, and this was no exception, I actually gave up at one point as I was so unhappy with how he was turning out as I was comparing myself to Blackmane's level of painting, which for me is not a good idea as I'm still evolving my painting ability. However, I returned to him last night with fresh eyes and now he doesn't seem half bad to me :)

Secondly, we have my current commander, who when I purchase Shas'o R'ymr will  become the 'leader' of his bodyguard, equipped with a Burst Cannon, Fusion Blaster and Multi-Tracker, he's quite deadly at medium range.

That's the head of the army, at the minuet I'm working on the Devilfish I have, which is proving to be a bit trickier than I thought, but I shall prevail, FOR THE GREATER GOOD.



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