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Hi all Blackmane here.

Today I started on a scenery project. Myself and Zebulon have always been somewhat lacking in the scenery department for our games until failry recently. At most we've had a few ruins from our Lord of the Rings collection and other various bits and pieces. But we've never really had a river as such. Zebulon did in the past construct us 3 sections of river. 1 had a bridge over it, and the other 2 both ended in a wooden archway which was mean to represent the river going underground. I think he made it like this because modelling material was hard to come across for us back then.

Today, however, modelling material is a fair bit easier to come by. Every time I order something form GW I get a carboard box which once opened, becomes pretty much useless unless I have a need for a box to store things in. After looking around my room yesterday and deciding that all the boxes needed to go to make room, I figured that I may as well put the to good use. To that end I started on my biggest modelling project to date. Making us multiple river sections that can be reconfigured in to multiple layouts with ease and that all fit together relatively well.

After spending most of the morning and afternoon with a pencil, ruler and craft knife, I have managed to create 13 sections of river. There are 6 straight sections, 2 curve's, 3 slightly curved sections and 2 pieces to form a folk in the river. Each section cover's 12 inches from where it starts to where the next section join's. The only exception been the curved pieces which only cover 12 inches when placed a certain way round.

I found more card from which to make another few pieces which will be done tomorrow before I start to form the banks on the sections.

On a side note I have have some pictures of recently finished models. Although the bases are yet to be completed the models themeselves are. I will upload better pictures once the bases are complete.

First up we have my Dead Banner Bearer for my Court of the Dead King formation. He was painted in exactly the same way as all my other warriors of the dead although I feel he is maybe a little 'greener' than the others but not to worry.

Next up we have one of the models I made to represent the masters of the chapter for apocalypse. Although there are already models available I decided to make my own seen as I had some pieces left. Here we have Egil Iron Wolf who will be the Master of the Arsenal. Although a more Space Wolf title would be Master of the Iron Isles, which is where the Iron Priests are located and make some of the Space Wolves weapons, etc. I decided on Egil for this because he is described as having a lot of tanks in his great company and has more metal than flesh. Therefore I think its likely to assume he has good ties with the Iron Priest's and would gain access to some of the better wargear.

Well thats all for today, hopefully more soon.

Thanks for reading


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