The Iron Lords Have Disbanded....

Hey all, I hope you had a good Christmas and got what you wanted! (I certainly did, and then some...see post below!)

 After having received the kingly gift that Blackmane gave me, I began to do some thinking about my 40k armies and contemplating my Iron lords, now don't get me wrong I've had a lot of fun converting the characters, but the army as a whole hasn't actually taken any shape over the last year, it's full of ideas, that I will one day see come to fruition, but as of right now, I am going to fold my Iron Lords into my Ultramarines, and make them the best they can be, so for at least for now, my Iron Lords are no more.

 I feel a little sad inside, but I do want to do the best job possible on each force, which is why they will become Ultramarines, boosting my forces to over 3000 points, which is finally enough to run apocalypse! I now have an absolute mountain to paint, I'm just not sure where to start....

                                                         For Ultramar, For The Emperor!

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